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Reader invite: Your teacher's best advice!

Last updated on: August 31, 2011 10:34 IST
A teacher could also be your mother, your father, brother, sister or anyone who has offered you a lesson in life

Teachers' Day will be celebrated across India on September 5. Tell us about the best advice your teacher gave you.

So Teachers' Day is around the corner. As India gears to celebrate the birthday of one of its most famous teachers -- Prof Sarvepalli Radhakhrishnan -- we are asking you, our dear readers, to go down memory lane and share that one advice your teacher gave you that has held you in good stead.

They could be words of wisdom from your teacher as you graduated from school many years ago or your college professor who showed you the way when you were confused about your life.

A teacher's advice comes from the most unlikely quarters. Who knows, it could have also been that unassuming instructor from your motor training school who might've said something innocuously and it stayed with you all your life!

Tell us about those teachers and tell us about the best advice they gave you!

Write in to with 'My teacher's best advice' in the subject line and share with us the best advice you got from your teacher. Attach a picture of him/her, if possible and we will publish the best entries right here on!