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Tips to crack IBPS BankPO exam

Last updated on: August 18, 2011 08:11 IST

In an online chat hosted by Get Ahead on August 16, Aziz Manva, head of addressed reader queries about cracking IBPS BankPO exam, a common entrance test for eligibility to fill existing and future positions in nineteen nationalised banks. The test is scheduled on September 18, 2011.

Here's the unedited transcript:

rahul asked,hello sir
Aziz Manva answers, at 2011-08-16 what are your doubts?

siddh asked,hiii
Aziz Manva answers, can start asking
Juli asked,HI
Aziz Manva answers,hi...what are your doubts
devang asked,hello, sir, what are the subjects that will be expected for the exam?
Aziz Manva answers,there will be 5 major sections - maths, reasoning, english, gk and computer awareness . Each will have 50 questions. Do u want to know about a particular section?
Akshay asked,is ther any book we should refer??
Aziz Manva answers,for gk u can look manorama and competition success review. For computers u look at computer basics. For the other three sections, any standard banking material or book is good
kanukulkarni1 asked,dear sir can u suggest some books to refer for this exam
Aziz Manva answers,for gk u can look manorama and competition success review. For computers u look at computer basics. For the other three sections, any standard banking material or book is good
supriya asked,hi..what books do ppl follow for preparing for bank PO?
Aziz Manva answers,Some people do refer to R.S.Agarwal for the reasoning section
devang asked,yes sir, i would like to know what kind of questions will be asked. how can i prepare? will there be negative marking?
Aziz Manva answers,Yes there will be negative you will have to select questions carefully. Sample questions have been given in the IBPS notification
rahul asked,how many numbers of questions to be answered for selection. I find it hard to answer all questions.
Aziz Manva answers,Rather than numberof questions per section, you try and answer each section for around 30 minutes or attempt GK and computers for 20 minutes each and split the remaining time among the other three sections
vinooon asked,how we have to divide time for the given 5 sections
Aziz Manva answers,Either try to allocate 30 minutes per section or section or give a little more time to Quant, Verbal and Reasoning and around 20 minutes eaxch to GK and computers...but don't try to attempt all 250 questions
aaa asked,hi aziz.. could you please guide me what might be the sylabus and depth of topics we can expect in computer awareness section
Aziz Manva answers,Broadly, hardware, software, networking, internet, computer languages, compuetr security, application softwares etc...but not in extensive depth...layman information
anu asked,Will the GK and Computer Awareness will be seperate sections ? and what will be the total time for this exam...
Aziz Manva answers,Yes...GK and computer awareness will be separate section. both will have 50 questions each. Total time for the paper will be 150 minutes
Aziz Manva answers,You can try manorama or Competition success review
IBPS asked,Hi Aziz Manva which to refer for IBPS???
Aziz Manva answers,There are different books for different can refer to competition success review for GK....or any basic computers book for computer awareness and something like r.s.agarwal for other areas. ....or you can use one common material such as NSB. Even we have one cmmon material for all 5 sections
anu asked,Thanks a lot...can you plz suggest will the GK will be traditional kind of or will it be current affair ..and any area where their will be more focus ...
Aziz Manva answers,The last two exams - SBI and associates had these 4 areas in GK - Current Affairs, Marketing for Banks, Computer Knowledge and Basic Marketing
sd asked,what is the gae limit to attempt the exam?
Aziz Manva answers,21 to 30 years
IBPS asked,is it available online???
Aziz Manva answers,Our material is available online? You can also try out a free mock test on the lines of the IBPS exam from our homepage
Rathin asked,what would be the process of exam?
Aziz Manva answers,Objective test of 250 questions followed by descriptive test of half an hour. This will have essay, letter, passage, etc. After this if you are shortlisted then Group Discussion and Personal Interview
sd asked,what is the age limit to attempt the exam?
Aziz Manva answers,21 to 30 years
devang asked,will one month be enough to prepare? how can i start preparing?
Aziz Manva answers,One month can be enough provided your basics are fine and you practice everyday. Start working on GK and Computers right away
kanukulkarni1 asked,are there any books published by ibps???
Aziz Manva answers,As far as we know, IBPS will not have separate books published. However, other providers such as us and NSB will have books.

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Focus on BODMAS and Arithmetic

Image: Focus on BODMAS and Arithmetic
Photographs: Rediff Archives
mohan asked,could U please tell me how many post r vacant in all 19 public sector bank together?( for PO)
Aziz Manva answers,That information is not released. Each bank will release it as and when there is a vacancy
Shubhabrata asked,Hii Aziz, What will be the sectional cut offs to ensure selection?
Aziz Manva answers,The sectional cut-offs are mentioned in the IBPS notification. It is slightly complicated to explain here.
vishnuarva asked,is coaching for banking jobs will help to crack the IBPS
Aziz Manva answers,If you are already enrolled and are practising regularly, then it may be enough. But it will be good if you practise a lot of full length mock tests
Rakhi asked,can i study without attending any classroom coaching?
Aziz Manva answers, can ....provided you8 have good material and you practise regularly
Aziz Manva answers,As far as we are aware, you are beyond the upper age limit for IBPS
AMRENDRA asked,Kindly guide for computersection resources
Aziz Manva answers,Read basics of hardware, software, networking, internet, viruses, programming etc. basic stuff. not too much in detail
priyanka asked,im working for three years,and dont have much time to prepare,so can u provide me some handy tips to help me,so that i can prepare well,whenever i get time from my work.
Aziz Manva answers,Try and pratise a few questions every day...maybe for 45-60 minutes. Read GK when you travel to office. that will help you prepare
anu asked,Thanks a lot...but now as computer section is seperate so will we expect questions on Current Affairs, Marketing for Banks,and Basic Marketing area...can you suggest any way to prepare for marketing stuff plz
Aziz Manva answers, can expect questions on these areas. Just be updated on latest happening in business and industry. Try and find information on "Marketing for Financial Products" on the net
JAGJOT asked,sir..what type of g.k is expected in IBPS exam?
Aziz Manva answers,Marketing for Banks, Basics of Marketing, Current Affairs, etc
bhagatsing asked,quantitaive ? is too tufhh yaar
Aziz Manva answers,It is not really tough. Focus on BODMAS and Arithmetic. Identify the simpler table based sets. You can then do very well
babu asked,how can i get model question and answer
Aziz Manva answers,There are a few sample questions on the IBPS notification. YOu can also try a complete mock sample paper with solutions from our site
pravin asked,Hello TestFunda.. I want to know what are the govt . sectors options open after age 30...
Aziz Manva answers,Sorry...don't have too much idea on this
thirteen asked,heelo sir..... what's d paper pattern
Aziz Manva answers,5 sections...50 questions each ...sections are maths, english language, reasoning, GK and computer awareness...paper will be for 2.5 hours. After that 30 minutes descriptive paper
vivek asked,where can I find the mock tests?
Aziz Manva answers,You can find them at
Megala asked,What is the minimum marks in each subjects? Whether negative marks are there for wrong answers?
Aziz Manva answers,The minimum marks are not mentioned but yes there will be negative marking. It will be 1/4th of the marks alloted to each question
Girish asked,what is a decent score? how many, out of 50 questions in each section, should be correct to get a decent score?
Aziz Manva answers,You should try and get atleast 25-28 questions right
sheetal asked,is marketing coming in gk section?
Aziz Manva answers,Yes it can come
sssss asked,can u tell us about the cut off marks
Aziz Manva answers,The cut-off marks can be seen from the official IBPS notification.
sahil asked,what material i.e., books are required for the preparation of IBPS exam?
Aziz Manva answers,You can look at Competition Success Review for GK, and R.S Agarwal fro other areas or refer to one cmmon material such as NSB. Even we have complete material on Bank including all 5 sections. You can refer to that as well
mohan asked,could U please focus much on banking terminologies in your banking practice tests.
Aziz Manva answers,Sure...we will keep these point in mind asked,Hi Aziz, Good Evening, Can you pls let me know the process for registring for this exam.
Aziz Manva answers,Registrations are already closed for the coming IBPS exam
shashi asked,I have 7 years experience in banking and financial services...but i have finished bcom through correspondance.Can i apply for bank exams?
Aziz Manva answers,You will need to check the official IBPS notification
sanjay asked,in sample test paper, there were some questions on core banking (Very much banking/accounts kinda).. How to prepare for those ? I think they were part of GK section
Aziz Manva answers,What you can do is search the net for "Basic Banking Terms" and "Basic Finace Terms"...u will get a lot of these terms
ckmuththhuswamy asked,is RBI also amongst the recruiter's through this test ?
Aziz Manva answers,No, not as far as we know
rajesh asked,sir wher can i get ur complete material as u have answered to someone question
Aziz Manva answers,You can log in to and get it from there

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Look at school level essays

Image: Look at school level essays
Photographs: Redfiff Archives
lfindia asked,What is the difference between IBPS & exams/interview of private banking sector.
Aziz Manva answers,IBPS exam score will be valid for recruitment to 19 nationalised banks (excluding SBI and SBI associates). No private bank is covered in this.
Niharika asked,I want to become a credit analyst of some bank, is it is right path (by exams) to get into a banking industry
Aziz Manva answers,Theoretically, it may be possible, but very very difficult in reality. Better is to get a suitable certification and then apply to a bank
ckmuththhuswamy asked,why RBI does not recruit through this test ? Is this test so inferior that apex bank does not deem it worthy enough to recruit through it?
Aziz Manva answers,Only RBI would know why they do not want to recruit through this. Currently, in case you are keen to apply to those 19 nationalised banks, you should try this exam
priyanka asked,could you tell me in which order we should answer the five sections,to save time and answer maximum questions.
Aziz Manva answers,There is no specific order. Attempt a section that you are strong at first, and then decide as per the difficulty level of the questions in the other sections
AshishSri asked,Dear sir...on what basis we should approach a bank with our score that has advertised its vacancy after the IBPS exam process is over? will they specify the minimum cut-off required?
Aziz Manva answers,The bank will advertise its vacancy and specify the cut-offs required. If you satisfy these cut-offs, you can apply to that bank
jay asked,sir how we prepare english and from where we can know about current bank GK?
Aziz Manva answers,You should be good at grammar. Read a lot and practice reading comprehension and close passages
neha asked,what is NSB which you answered in one of the question
Aziz Manva answers,It is National School of Banking
maya asked,hi aziz can you tell all the 5 section name?
Aziz Manva answers,Maths, English Language, Reasoning, GK and COmputer Awareness
crack asked, have 9 years experience in banking and financial services...but i have finished bcom through correspondance.Can i apply for bank exams?
Aziz Manva answers,You will need to check the actual notification. Not too sure about this
maya asked,in exam which section will be tough?
Aziz Manva answers,Not possible to predict right now
AshishSri asked,despite of RBI can we expect NABARD and SEBI to recruit on this scorecard?
Aziz Manva answers,Currently they are not part of the group of 19 banks recruiting through this exam. However, NABARD may join next year
Sonali asked,Is there any difference in the pay scale between experienced and non experienced applicants...considering both have passed the same test same year
Aziz Manva answers,Depends on bank to bank... Cannot comment right now
Raju asked,What is the smartest way of preparation?
Aziz Manva answers,Practise a lot of papers...see where you are weak and improve on those
jay asked,how we can prepare bank GK
Aziz Manva answers,Read newspapers for "Marketing terms" and "financial terms" on net...try and read one good current affairs magazine regularly
dhruv asked,good evening sir if possible can you help me with the break up of marks for 5 sections and please guide for some books
Aziz Manva answers,Each section will have 50 marks ...except for English which will be 25 marks
santosh1304 asked,what should be the optimum time for the thorough preparation?
Aziz Manva answers,Even if you start preparing now...u can do well in one month
kapil asked,Hi, Which books would u suggest for proctise, especially for GK and computers
Aziz Manva answers,For compueters, go to wikipedia and read basics of hardware, software, networking, internet, viruses, programming languages, etc. For GK, read nwspapers regularly.
harry asked,how many po vacancies are there together of all banks roughly
Aziz Manva answers,That information is not available currently. Each bank will give its vacancies later
Aziz Manva answers,Currently it has been definitely announced for PO. Not sure about the frequency for Clerical
jay asked,dear sir can i get your Mail ID,
Aziz Manva answers,In case you have can mail us at
sandeepasos asked,wht type of question we shd expect in general awareness section,will it be from marketing too??
Aziz Manva answers, can expect questions from Marketing also in the exam
santosh1304 asked,will there be regular change in the question paper pattern?
Aziz Manva answers,Currently the paper will be of 50 questions per section with 5 section. There may be changes in the future
Abhap asked,Coaching is unnecessary to prepare bank exam ?
Aziz Manva answers,It depends..if your basics are good and have good material with don't need coaching
krishna asked,what wud be the pay .. ctc
Aziz Manva answers,All these details can be obtained from the official IBPS notification
Raju asked,What is the ratio that IBPS shortlists for the recruitment?
Aziz Manva answers,All these details can be obtained from the official IBPS notification
Krish asked,How we can prepare for the Descriptive Exam?
Aziz Manva answers,Practise letter writing, essay. precis, short passage and paragraphs from school textbooks
kumar asked,I have 41% marks in my graduation. Am i eligible for IBPS?
Aziz Manva answers,As far as we know, you are not eligible...But check the IBS notficiation for confirmation asked,How to excel in all the 5 sections?
Aziz Manva answers,practice followed by analysis followed by work on weak sections
neha asked,Sir please tell the books for essay?
Aziz Manva answers,Look at school level essays
Aziz Manva says,That will be it for today. Thank You so much for participating. Hope to see you again next time!