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Last minute tips to crack the CMAT

Last updated on: September 26, 2012 12:00 IST

Last minute tips to crack the CMAT


Since February 2012, the CMAT has become an important exam for management aspirants.

Conducted by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), India, the Common Management Admission Test (CMAT) 2012 is an online computer based test held twice a year that will help qualify admission to post graduate management programmes at all institutes approved by the AICTE.

The CMAT is scheduled between September 27, 2012 and October 01, 2012.

In an online chat with readers, Aziz Manva, head, addressed last minute queries related to the exam and offered advice on how to optimise preparation to score well in the test.

For those who missed the online chat, here's the unedited transcript:

Aziz Manva says, Hi all,the chat session shall begin in 15 minutes.
jhjh asked, cmat or nmat that is the big question

Aziz Manva answers, at 2012-09-25 15:56:13
It depends on which College are you targeting for?
cmat asked, pls share last minute tips to crack cmat... m very nervous

Aziz Manva answers,
Brush-up all your concepts. Solve few random questions from each concepts and if possible attempt 1-2 Mock papers.
mannOsalwa asked, i just dont want to crack gmat, infact i want to screw gmat...i.e want to score more than i really need to join coaching class or self-study in enough? I am working full time

Aziz Manva answers,
Coaching class would assist you in your preparations. If you are disciplined enough, you can crack the exam without the assistance of coaching classes too.
mannOsalwa asked, Sir, is there any overlap in the preparation of CAT n GMAT? Which one is more tough?

Aziz Manva answers,
Most of the concepts are common for both the exams. However Quants in GMAT is more inclined towards Data-Sufficiency and Verbal is Reasoning focused.
rachel asked, what are the key topics or important topics that are asked in cmat?and is the examination standard different from mat?

Aziz Manva answers,
The examination standard is more or less similar to MAT. However, the LR and Verbal section in CMAT is reasoning intensive.
laila asked, sir i have cat immediately after do i focus on both?

Aziz Manva answers,
The preparation for CAT would cover majority of the topics for CMAT. However, few days prior to CMAT, you may practice CMAT specific topics like Reasoning, GK etc.
rachel asked, also on what does cmat focus most...reasoning or understanding english?

Aziz Manva answers,
Reasoning. Pure English questions are relatively less in numbers as compared to Critical Reasoning.
rachel asked, can u suggest imp topics in quant that is asked in cmat a lot?

Aziz Manva answers,
Different to determine frequently asked topics. However, Number Systems, DI, Permutations & Combinations, Time-Speed-Distance, Percentages are few important ones.
Blue asked, Hi Sir, Approximately how much score is required for k.j somaiya, sydenham, gim and welinkar

Aziz Manva answers,
It depends on the Level-of-Difficulty of the paper. However, going as per the records last year, a score of 300+ would be a good one.
manmohansing asked, what percentage of marks should i score to attain 99 percentile

Aziz Manva answers,
Approximately 65 to 75 per cent should be a good score. However, the score is an indication and the actual value may vary.
Blue asked, It will be out of 400 right. So scoring around 230 will be enough eh..

Aziz Manva answers,
230 may be a low score to get in the college you aspire to.
manmohansing asked, 65-75 percent in a test which has negative markings.dont u think its way too difficult

Aziz Manva answers,
Last year's CMAT was on a simpler side. Hence the score. The required score may vary this year depending on the Level-of-Difficulty of the paper.
Illustration: Uttam Ghosh

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'A score of 280 plus is good enough for CMAT'

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nick asked,
what's a good score in cmat to get through JBIMS?

Aziz Manva answers,
Score in the range of 280+ should be good enough, as per last year's record.
bhupendra asked, Is there any negative marking in CMAT if yes wat is the process

Aziz Manva answers, 4 marks for a correct answer and -1 for incorrect answer
Blue asked, Last year Gim cut off was 198. Will there be a steep in increase in that.

Aziz Manva answers,
It really depends on the level-of-difficulty of this year's paper.
bhupendra asked, How is welingkar's 1 year exec MBA programme? Is it good?

Aziz Manva answers,
Good/Bad is a subjective term and it depends on which other colleges are you comparing with.
Blue asked, Pls suggest any good books for critical reasoning

Aziz Manva answers,
TestFunda CMAT-Skill builder 2013 should suffice.
bhupendra asked, which is one is best college k.j somaiya, sydenham, gim and welinkar

Aziz Manva answers,
Sydneham, K.J.Somaiya, GIM, Welingkar in the order.
bhupendra asked, sir there is CMAT exam again in jan or feb, is there any difference for getting in the college or courses.
Aziz Manva answers, Not really. The best of the 2 scores would be considered. However, there is no notification from AICTE about the admission process.
bhupendra asked, some more tips u like to give cmat

Aziz Manva answers,
practice, practice and practice.
bhupendra asked, sir, through cmat will top collges will take in their main course where the placements are high or some degree courses

Aziz Manva answers,
JBIMS, Sydneham, K.J.Somaiya, GIM, Welingkar
AVINASH asked, HI,I am a B.Tech student in final year.I want to do MBA. Please tell me if m eligible

Aziz Manva answers,
Ok.If you have 50 per cent aggregate of the 1st, 2,d and 3rd year; you are eligible.
SMAT asked, Sir, Kindly advice on how to build step by by step methods in mastering quant..a thousand billion thanks to you sir in advance.
Aziz Manva answers, Step 1 - Know all the concepts Step 2 - Practice questions on each concepts Step 3 - Give Module tests Step 4 - Give several Mocks.
Aziz Manva says, Hi, the chat session for the day ends here. If you have any further queries, you may mail them at
Illustration: Dominic Xavier

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