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How to crack Subjective Selection for IBPS BankPO exam

Last updated on: August 24, 2011 16:07 IST
The IBPS exam is applicable for 19 banks in the country

In an online chat hosted by Get Ahead on August 23, Aziz Manva, head, addressed reader queries on how to crack 'subjective selection' for IBPS BankPO exam. The exam is scheduled on September 18, 2011.

Here's the unedited transcript:

 m asked,anyone here?
Aziz Manva answers, at 2011-08-23 15:56:43yes..ask your doubt

m asked,hi aziz... can you please suggest me how to start preparing for the exam?
Aziz Manva answers,Work on reading comprehension, BODMAS, charts and reasoning. That will cover a lot of 3 sections. Read newspapers and magazines regularly to improve your GK. For computers focus on hardware, software, networking, internet, viruses, etc
Shubir asked,Sir, I want to join State Bank of India. Do i have to give this exam?
Aziz Manva answers,No, the score of this exam is not valid for SBI. The SBI exam was last conducted on 24 July. You will need to check the SBI website for the dates of the next exam
m asked,which books can i refer for computers?
Aziz Manva answers,There is no one book that you can refer. There are multiple books. However, in our courseware we have a complete chapter which covers all these areas of computers
Aziz asked,What banks can i join after passing this exam?
Aziz Manva answers,There are 19 possible banks that you can join. Some of them are Union Bank of India, United Bank of India, Bank of Baroda, etc. You will get the full list from the IBPS website
sudhey asked,Sir, I have been attending Bank exam past 6-8 months.I find english and GK easy and same time reasoning and quantitive aptitude tough to finsih on time.Is there any shotcuts or tricks while attending the test to get good marks.
Aziz Manva answers,You will need to identify question types in reasoning that you are conmfortable with. Understand that you don't need to complete the entire reasoning section. You just need to clear the cut-off for Reasoning Similarly in Quant, you should try and target BODMAS as well as charts
777 asked,How many Vaccancies are there now?
Aziz Manva answers,That information will only be available from each participating bank's website
arunoday asked,sir, what do you mean when you say that you don't need to complete the entire reasoning section?
Aziz Manva answers,I mean that you can still go through to the next round even if you don't attempt all 50 questions in Reasoning. This is because the exam has sectional cut-offs. So, even if you attempt 40 questions and get 35-37 right, that is better than attempting 50 questions and getting only 40-42 right
sudhey asked,Is there any website which u know where I can try mock test , the one which is there in IBPS is not working .
Aziz Manva answers,You can try a free mock test from our website There are 9 more mock tests that are also available on our site but they need to be purchased
777 asked,Which Institute is Best in Kerala for Bank Coaching??
Aziz Manva answers,Sorry..we would not have too much of an idea regarding that

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Expect questions on banking terms, schemes, products, etc

Last updated on: August 24, 2011 16:07 IST
Expect questions on banking terms, schemes, products, etc

a asked,I am appearing for PNB exam on this weekend. Can you please give a rough estimate of how many marks will i need to score to get through for IT Office
Aziz Manva answers,Though I can't give you exact marks, my suggestion would be to atteempt around 80-85% questions in each section with approximately 90% accuracy

arunoday asked,ok...thank you. any idea what is the time limit for each section?
Aziz Manva answers,There is no specific sectional time limit. There are 250 questions and 150 minutes. Try and allocate 30 minutes per section (plus or minus 5 minutes per section)

sachin asked,how is the exam pattern ?
Aziz Manva answers,The tests has 5 sections - English, Maths, Reasoning, GK and Computer Awareness. Each section has 50 questions. The test is of 150 minutes with 1/4th negative marking. After that you have a subjective test

Vijay asked,Sir, is preparatory course material available for correspondence / postal.
Aziz Manva answers,Yes, we have preparatory course material available on a correspondence basis i.e. we send across the material and test papers to you

777 asked,Pls tell to crack Exam of P.O or Splst Officer how many months intense prepration recquires per day also??
Aziz Manva answers,You should try ad target 1-2 hours daily for 3-4 months asked,is there any specific website where we can refer to the reasoning
Aziz Manva answers,You will get the reasoning material with practice tests on our website

turab asked,iam appear foe IBPS exam so which book i refer
Aziz Manva answers,There are a lot of books available in the market. We have complete material for preparation. Or you can look at R.S.Agarwal

777 asked,What about the Profile of Marketing Officer in Banks is it par with P.O??
Aziz Manva answers,Not very sure about this. You will need to check with someone who is working at a P.O. level in the bank

prakash asked,what is the number of minimum questions which has to be attamped in reasoning?
Aziz Manva answers,There is no minimum number. But i would suggest 40-42 questions with atleast 36-37 right

sachin asked,marks of subjective test will be included in final score or not ?
Aziz Manva answers, should be included in the final evaluation

senthil asked,for each section is there any cut off marks ?yes then how much marks required in each section
Aziz Manva answers,Yes...there will be sut-off marks. The calculation of this is difficult to explain here. It is given in detail in the IBPS notification

dharmish asked,hello.. RBI Young Scholar Scheme's syllabus is enough for this exam?
Aziz Manva answers,Can you share more details? I will be able to give a better judgement once I know what it covers

vickyr asked,Sir I am BMS student how should I prepare for the exam kindly guide me
Aziz Manva answers,Since you have ample time, work on making your calculation speed and accuracy better. Also, solve a lot of puzzles. Finally, read newspapers and magazines daily

p bhadra asked,what is the no.of minimum questions which has to be attamped to get clear the reasoning section?
Aziz Manva answers,I would suggest around 40-42 questions with atleast 36 right

gaurav asked, what is the number of minimum questions which has to be attampted in quantitative aptitude?
Aziz Manva answers,I would suggest around 40 questions with atleast 35 right

dharmish asked,Wat Kind of bank related questions can be asked?
Aziz Manva answers,In GK, you can expect questions on banking terms, schemes, products. etc. e.g. what is an overdraft facility, what is netbanking, this XXX scheme is by which bank, etc

sid asked,Hi Aziz, Can you tell us what kind of prospects does PO Job Offers and what kind of Career progression one can look forward.
Aziz Manva answers,I may not be the right person to answer this question. It would be best if you check with someone working in a nationalised bank. They will be able to give the most accurate information

dharmish asked,RBI Young scholar schemes syllabus includes Annual reports of RBI, regulations and also currency reports
Aziz Manva answers,I think that will quite advanced for this exam. You will need material that gives you basics of Maths, English, puzzles, GK and computers

vickyro asked,for passing the exam how many marks I have to score sir
Aziz Manva answers,More than that, focus on attempting 40-42 questions per section with around 36 right answers

nik asked,While appearing personal interview in a state , where I don't know the local language, it that matters.. mainly in clerical interview.
Aziz Manva answers,Not too much

DIPAK asked,i hav given lot of bank p.o. exams till now but all without doing study as i hav already a good job but still i aspire to go for bank p.o., job. In some of last exams Lack of time was major to tackle that?
Aziz Manva answers,Try to study for 1-2 hours daily. Practise different areas everyday

khajapasha asked,what is total marks to pass this exam
Aziz Manva answers,There is no official passing marks. but you have to clear the sectional cut-offs for each section

dharmish asked,currency chests and other related info are must?
Aziz Manva answers,NO, not at all

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Identify the question types that you are good/bad at

Last updated on: August 24, 2011 16:07 IST
Identify the question types that you are good/bad at

sudhey asked,As per your view which section of the paper I should start ? usually GK and computers wont take much time...pls suggest
Aziz Manva answers,You can try GK and computers later. Among the other three sections, start with the section that you feel most comfortable with

khajapasha asked,please how to practice this kind of exam
Aziz Manva answers,Try and solve 40-50 questions everyday. Don't just focus on one section or one area. So if you do Quant today, do Reasoning tomorrow and Verbal on the next day and so on. Also, identify the question types that you are good at and the types that you are bad at

Aziz Manva answers,Yes

DIPAK asked,Also tell me that what is approximate in hand salary/month for bank p.o.?
Aziz Manva answers,Refer to the SBI notification available on the SBI website. That will give the complete salary breakup

aaaaaaaajjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjaaaaaaaaaaaaa asked,Sir, i clear all the written exams but unfortunatley , i am unable to conver the calls, rejected twice in the interviews by ICICI ,once by PSB.I am BE by pofession and work for a bigshot US based h/w company.In few of the interviews, they have suggested me to continue my current job.Please suggest me to clear the interviews.
Aziz Manva answers,You will need to think why you want to shift from a hardware company to a PSU bank. Also, since you are an engineer, you will face a question as to why you want to work in a bank. Focus on finding answers to these questions

Surya asked,I can't clear the written exam of SBI
Aziz Manva answers,With more systematic efforts, I am sure you will be able to clear it next. This year, try the IBPS exam

Shom asked,Sir, Hould should i prepare for the reasoning?
Aziz Manva answers,Practice family relationships, linear, circular and complex arrangements, series, analogies and codes. Also solve visual reasoning, input-output and "which of these conclusions follows" kind of questions

kk asked,In General Awareness what types of questrions will be there?
Aziz Manva answers,Mainly three areas - marketing terms, banking information and current affairs

ashlesh asked,hi i want to knw from where shld i study for banking related qus and ans
Aziz Manva answers,Look for a glossary of banking and finacial terms on the net. Also, look at recently launched schemes by various PSU banks

dd asked,suggest me some books for reasoning subject
Aziz Manva answers,You can try R.S.Agarwal or our material or NSB material

vishal asked,hows your website will benit i appearing the exam?
Aziz Manva answers,We have complete theory material and 10 full length mock papers that you can use to prepare for the IBPS exam

anil asked,IBPS means?
Aziz Manva answers,IBPS is a body that is conducted a common written examination for entry at Probationary Officer level in 19 nationalised banks

amohj asked,
can i register for IBPS now or the registration date is gone
Aziz Manva answers,No, the date is gone unfortunately

yu asked,Hi Sir, How to prepare for english
Aziz Manva answers,Practise close passages, errors in usage and Reading Comprehension. Read newspaper editorials, good magazine articles, etc

rajesh asked,last date for ibps apply where can i apply
Aziz Manva answers,The last date for the IBPS exam has already passed

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Look at input-output and code mapping questions

Last updated on: August 24, 2011 16:07 IST
Look at input-output and code mapping questions

supriya asked,
sir, i work for city union bank. i missed the registration date by a week...can you please tell me when will the next registration happen?
Aziz Manva answers,There is a similar IBPS exam expected around March/April. So, there may be a registration in or around February
dd asked,thnx our material or nsb can b found on net
Aziz Manva answers,Our material can be accessed from our website
ashlesh asked,what kind of essays do generally asked
Aziz Manva answers,Something to do with basic banking products, terms, schemes
yu asked,is there any short cut that you are aware for solving the blood relationship type reasoning problem. Or only way is to analyse all the option?
Aziz Manva answers,Depends from question to question... For family tree question, you have to draw the family tree. For coded relationship questions, identify the gender of the required person. Wherever the option implies an opposite gender, eliminate that option
amohj asked, what will be asked in subjective much time is given for that
Aziz Manva answers,30 minutes will be given ...areas will be something from letter writing, essay writing, precis writing and passage
vineet asked,Sir, good afternoon I would like to know, how many questions one should attempt to get cleared. I have heard that if one can get 20 to 24 questions right then the probability of getting selected is much higher. Is that right? Plzz give your opinion.
Aziz Manva answers,You are right...However, to be on the safe side, I would suggest attempt 40 questions per section with atleast 32/34 correct
rajesh asked,when will next date will come
Aziz Manva answers,The next exam should be around March/April and the registration should be in Feb
amohj asked,what will be asked in subjective much time is given for that
Aziz Manva answers,Letter writing, essay writing, precis writing, passage etc. It will cover a lot of banking based topics. You will get half an hour
sixteen asked,hi... sir... how to prepare for rreasoning section and what kind of material to use..?
Aziz Manva answers,Practise family relationships, directions, linear, complex and circular arrangements, miscellaneous puzzles, visual reasoning, series and code questions. Also look at input-output and code mapping questions
amohj asked,I read newspapers everyday....and read a lot of GK books also..still i find GK section very tough....any suggestions
Aziz Manva answers,on the net search for glossary of "banking terms", "financial terms" and "marketing terms". Refer to latest schemes launched by banks...then try and attempt GK
amohj asked,what things are included for GK in ur course matl
Aziz Manva answers,Major banks, major government schemes - both banking based and social, groups and organisations, capitals and currencies, current affairs, marketing for banks, marketing terms (in general), business terms, etc. Also, we have a separate chapter on computer awareness
anshu asked,sir how to prepare for the g.k section?
Aziz Manva answers,Focus on three major areas - Current Affairs, Marketing for Banks + Banking Schemes, General Marketing
Aziz Manva says,These are all the questions that I will be able to take today! See you again next time! Hope that you do well in the IBPS exam! All the best!