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7 riding wonders of the world

Last updated on: June 21, 2011 19:21 IST

Roads, these are the places which give us a chance to enjoy our beautiful machines. But the world is so big and the roads are so vast, we simply can't know which is the best road to ride our performance bikes. So what do we do? Well, nothing much really as Shell has announced the hunt for the ultimate riding wonder of the wonder.

What is it? Basically The Seven Riding Wonders of the World poll gives a chance to biking enthusiasts around the world to vote for their choice. It gives them an opportunity to decide which road, track or riding experience is the best in the world.

This contest is open till August 31, 2011.


7 riding wonders of the world

Last updated on: June 21, 2011 19:21 IST

The results will be declared by the global panel of judges which include Nicky Hayden (American professional motorcycle racer also known as The Kentucky Kid) and Aspi Bhathena (Editor, Bike India). 

What are the options to vote for? There are 22 routes from 19 countries but lets talk about the one that really matters to us. We want India to win and the Coorg-Oooty-Munnar route has been selected as one of the entries which have made it to the final 7! If you vote wins you might win a chance to be ridden along the riding wonder. 

7 riding wonders of the world

Last updated on: June 21, 2011 19:21 IST
We encourage bikers from all over the country to vote for their favourite Riding Wonder, whether it be Coorg-Ooty-Munnar route from India or a route they would one day love to visit. The prize day at the 2011 Shell Advance Malaysian MotoGP is a once in lifetime opportunity that gives us the chance to show our customers how Shell Advance's technical partnership with Ducati comes to life on the track." Donald Anderson, Country Head -- Lubricants, Shell India Pvt. Ltd. said.

How to vote? Simply SMS 'Shell Advance Ooty' to 58888 or log on to, to make the Coorg-Ooty-Munnar route as one of the 7 Riding Wonders of the World!  

Review cars and bikes for!

Last updated on: June 21, 2011 19:21 IST

So you swear by your vehicle and will probably rush to save that rather than your wife of 10 years should anything happen to both? Write in to us with a review of your car/bike and we'd love to publish it right here on Rediff!

There are few things more intoxicating than a spin on your favourite bike or car. If you're a bike or car enthusiast who loves to go on and on about its bhp and performance, you're the one we're looking out for!

Share the review of your bike or car and recommend it (or not) to our readers who may be considering buying one in the future.

Simply write us an email to (subject line: 'Bike Review' or 'Car Review') with your review and we will publish the best entries right here on

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