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Zelda Pande's Mushroom-Tofu Filled Lettuce Wraps

April 14, 2022 12:39 IST

Hot weather calls for bringing on the salads, says Zelda Pande.

A starter like Mushroom-Tofu Filled Lettuce Wraps, with its zesty, spicy stuffing, nestling in icy cold salad leaves, chases down the mercury.

Mushroom-Tofu Filled Lettuce Wraps

IMAGE: Kindly note the image has been posted only for representational purposes. Photograph: Kind courtesy: Vegan Feast Catering/Wikimedia Commons

Mushroom-Tofu Filled Lettuce Wraps

Serves: 3-4



For serving



Note: Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian oyster sauce is available.

You may consider mixing more exotic mushrooms with the button mushrooms.
Opt for 100 gm dried woodear mushrooms or dried shitake mushrooms, available online.
Soak half an hour before frying and chop fine.
Reduce the quantity of chopped button mushrooms in the recipe to 100 gm.
A dash of fish sauce can satisfy the non-vegetarian palate.

For a Jain offering, knock the white bulbs of the spring onions and the garlic and just use the spring onion greens. Also use ginger powder, allowed in a Jain diet, instead of fresh ginger.

Soy and oyster sauces are both high in sodium. Skip the oyster sauce and opt for low-sodium soy or coconut aminos, now made in India, which is an umami sauce that has usually about 1/3 the quantity of salt that soy has.
Skip the salt in the recipe.