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You Can Wear This Art!

August 09, 2021 14:46 IST

This fashion show in Darwin, Australia celebrated the marriage of contemporary fine art by indigenous Australians (the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people) and high-end fashion.

IMAGE: Extraordinary hand-printed textiles and fashion designs were presented at the show.
Photographs: Charlie Bliss/Getty Images


IMAGE: A model takes to the ramp in a blazer in lovely hues of orange.


IMAGE: Most of the looks in the show were based on personal collective memories of the artists.


IMAGE: Keeping the cuts simple and minimalistic, the designers spun stories through the textile and fabrics.


IMAGE: A maxi dress in black-and-white paired with a matching cap.


IMAGE: Clad in white from head-to-toe, this model made quite a dramatic entry.


IMAGE: The show was a beautiful celebration of talent and diversity.


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