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Woman I admire: 'She sacrificed her savings, ambitions for me'

February 22, 2019 12:10 IST

We'd asked you, dear readers to tell us about the woman who inspires you the most.

Rediff reader Asaithambi Balakrishnan, 40 from Dammam tells us why he admires his wife so much.

Asaithambi shared this picture of his wife

IMAGE: Asaithambi Balakrishna shared this photograph of his wife who supported him during his tough times. 

I admire every woman who has come into my life -- my mother, my wife. But mostly, my wife.

I have gone through tough times at various stages of my life. But I got courage from my mother who taught me how to confidently face everything.

Her learnings helped me face and succeed in those challenges.

The toughest challenge struck me in 2011 when I suffered health issues for which I was hospitalised for more than a year.

During the time, I lost all hope of life. I was mentally prepared to discontinue my life journey.

I thought about my son, who was eight months old at the time. I also worried about my wife. 

During this time, my wife took care of me physically, mentally and financially.

Thanks to her prayers, I recovered from hell.

It's been over eight years since that incident but I still remember how my wife stood by me during those hard times.

She sacrificed her savings, personal ambitions and interests so she could care for me.

I am thankful to her so much that I can say, she is more than God for me.

I wish every man is blessed like I was.

Today, I am writing this post because I am guilty I could never express my feelings to her.

My wife is wearing red in the photograph; I associate red colour with the struggles she underwent to recover me.

Wish you a very happy Women's Day.


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