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Whoa! Mrunal Shows Off Her True Colours

Last updated on: December 04, 2023 18:35 IST

Mrunal Thakur uses colours to make a statement. 

When she wants to look absolutely fab, she turns to black.

When the actor, whose Hi Nanna releases this week, wants to change her vibe, she chooses red.

In beige, with a little bit of gloss, she looks like a boss. 

In yellow, she's like a ray of sunshine.

And full of 'Barbie energy in this Oppenheimer world' when she wears pink. 

But her go-to shades are neutrals like beige, ivory, brown and white. 

She can have fun with both warm and cold hues and has interesting tips on how you can master the art of wearing colour. 

IMAGE: Mrunal gets cozy with her 'kinda bluesss'. 
Photographs: Kind courtesy Mrunal Thakur/Instagram


IMAGE: Who else is in the mood for a game of chess? 


IMAGE: She's earned her fashion stripes on and off the red carpet. 


IMAGE: What's more delectable? The desserts in the background or a layered Mrunal?


IMAGE: A perfect sunny day calls for a beautiful dash of yellow. 


IMAGE: White is always a winner.  


Mrunal Thakur

IMAGE: 'Sometimes you just gotta pink outside the box,' she says.