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Winter Recipes: Meethi Sonth and Lup'pi

December 29, 2020 17:25 IST

Winter has set in and it's some for some warm, delicious, food.

Taruna Bakshi shares recipes which have been passed down through generations in her family.

Meethi Sonth (sweet dry ginger in cream)



Note: If you wish to serve it hot, just add a few tsp of milk while reheating it.

Lup'pi (sweet chickpea soup)



Note: It is extremely essential to roast the chickpea flour well to bring out its nuttiness, else the soup will taste very raw and pasty.
Feel free to increase or decrease the amount of ghee and water in the recipe to suit your taste.
You can replace water with milk to make the soup richer.
You need to constantly keep stirring the contents to prevent them from burning.

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