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Will Sini Shetty Be Next Miss World?

Last updated on: February 28, 2024 18:08 IST

Sini Shetty is ready to conquer the world. Yet the 23 year old remains both innocent and grounded, discover's Anita Aikara, Rajesh Karkera and Hitesh Harisinghani.

Femina Miss India World 2022 Sini Shetty was born and raised in Mumbai, but her roots belong to Udupi.

"I have such nostalgic memories from there. It's one of my favourite places on planet Earth," she says.

A graduate in accountancy and finance, Sini is presently studying to qualify as a chartered financial analyst.

"My mom believes a professional degree will go a long way," says the beauty queen who will represent India at the 71st Miss World pageant.

At 5'9", Sini is the shortest person in her family. "My mom is an inch taller; my dad is six feet and my brother is 6'2"," she laughs.

Mumbai's current weather makes the beauty queen glow as she poses for's Hitesh Harisinghani and Rajesh Karkera.

Pageantry was "love at first sight for her"; winning the Femina Miss India World 2022 title, she says, transformed her life and changed her as a person.

"At 23, I'd have never imagined living such a life. I have a vision now and a new purpose to my life."

Sini totally lives by her mom's advice that "no challenge is a difficulty. Every challenge is an opportunity. Every challenge that has come my way has made me a better person."

How did a girl who loved to dance become a beauty queen? Sini tells us and also reveals a little secret :)
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The beauty queen is living her dream and has swapped her PJs for chic gowns post her Miss India win.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Sini Shetty/Instagram

Every time Sini visits Karnataka, she is flooded with the memories of her childhood.

"Karnataka is super close to my heart... be it the traditions, culture, people and food. I am a big neer dosa-chicken curry fan," she reveals.

On her mother's side, she is related to the royal Kananjaru family.

Her ancestors on her father's side have fought for India's freedom.

"The value of going beyond myself and serving the country has been instilled in me through my ancestors," she says.

Like any young girl in India, Sini is determined to make a mark for herself in the professional world. And where does that determination come from?


Her Randeep Ranawat lehenga is testament to the "incredible versatility of Indian fashion". Sini felt she was not just wearing an outfit, she was wearing her culture.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Sini Shetty/Instagram

Mumbai is "home" to Sini, who has spent all her life in the city. "As much as I love to travel and explore places, the joy of coming back home is unparalleled," she says.

Sini lives with her family in Ghatkopar, a north eastern Mumbai suburb.

She completed her degree in accounting and finance from the S K Somaiya College.

Sini's Mumbai love story


"I hope the Miss World crown comes home," says an optimistic Sini, whose Beauty With A Purpose (BWAP) project is titled Aashayein.

BWAP has been the central theme for Miss World since 1972 and it gives every Miss World contestant the chance to work towards providing a meaningful contribution to people in need.

With her project, Sini hopes to narrow the divide between education and employment.

Sini's parents drop her at Mumbai airport; the beauty queen was headed to Delhi to welcome the Miss World contestants.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Sini Shetty/Instagram

"My mission is to spotlight the critical role of education," she says.

"Amidst the shared challenges and aspirations of our world, advocating for quality education resonates deeply with me, especially coming from India where over 40 per cent of children, mostly girls, drop out of school by age 10."

Sini believes this is one of the most important initiatives she has undertaken in her life. She explains why.


"Atithi devo bhava" is the mantra that Sini is following as she spends time with her co-contestants.

"India is a potluck of cultures... every few kilometres, you feel like you have entered a new region and that's exciting for all the girls."

As th Miss World pageant returns to India after 28 years, Sini hopes to script history in the most memorable way.

"I will proudly welcome my Miss World sisters from every corner of this globe."

There's something interesting she wants to teach her fellow contestants.
Psst! Before they know about it, she tells you.


A "proper south Indian girl", Sini loves her saris, especially her mom's Kanjeevarams.

"I look the best in a sari," she says. 

Sini's heart "overflows with pride and emotion" as she welcomes her fellow contestants at the 71st edition of the Miss World pageant.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Sini Shetty/Instagram

She inherits her love for dance from her mom. "Mom loved dancing back in college and school."

There's a sweet little story about how Sini's mother realised she had passed on her dancing genes to her daughter. Watch it in the video below.

At the age of 14, Sini completed her arangetram (the ceremony where the guru introduces her student to the public) in Bharata Natyam.

Confession time with Sini


Sini wants women across the world to believe in themselves.

"Just look into the mirror and say you can do it," she says. "There's nothing in the world that can stop you."

As for upcoming beauty queens, the way to success, she says, is being their "true authentic self".