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Why We Love Meghalaya's Living Root-Bridges

April 19, 2022 13:08 IST

UNESCO is considering adding Meghalaya's Living Root-Bridges to its index of World Heritage Sites.

We asked you dear readers to send us your photographs and describe your experience of visiting any of Meghalaya's root-bridges.


Meghalaya's living root bridges

IMAGE: Aadhan visited Meghalaya in April with friends.
He sent us a few photographs and writes: 'We are here in Meghalaya with a group of friends. We stayed at Cherrapunji and trekked to the living root-bridges.
'Throughout the trek of 3,500 steps your eyes are in for a treat -- lush green landscapes of the beautiful mountains, waterfalls.' Photograph: Kind courtesy Aadhan


Meghalaya's living root bridges

IMAGE: 'Our guide for the trek took us through quaint little villages where the locals were always smiling and hospitable. It took us about a couple of hours to get down to see the stunning double decker bridge,' says Aadhan. Photograph: Kind courtesy Aadhan


Meghalaya's living root bridges

IMAGE: 'We were able to cool off in a waterfall and marvel at the beauty of the bridge as long as we could. Words and pictures don’t do justice to this stunning place,' adds Aadhan. Photograph: Kind courtesy Aadhan


Meghalaya's living root bridges

IMAGE: Biswajit Pal also visited Mawlynnong village in Meghalaya.
He says there are living root-bridges too near to Mawlynnong, 'one of the cleanest villages in Asia.'
'This bridge could be approached from both sides. Also, this bridge could be accessed easily as there are cemented stairs. A must visit,' says Biswajit.Photograph: Kind courtesy Biswajit Pal


Rajesh Taneja sent us this poem on the root-bridges penned by his 12-year-old daughter Nishika:


Have you visited one of Meghalaya's root-bridges?

Do you have photographs and/or videos that perfectly captures the beauty of the place? Share it with the world.

Simply send in your photographs and/or videos (original photos/videos only) to with the subject 'My Meghalaya root-bridge travel pic', along with your name, the name of the place and a short description of the photographs and/or videos, when you visited and what you liked most about the place and we'll feature the best pics right here on!