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Why is #WomenHaveLegs trending?

September 17, 2020 13:06 IST

Malayalam actor Anaswara Rajan, who recently turned 18, was trolled on social media for posting a picture wearing shorts and revealing her legs.

The actor, who worked in Thanneer Mathan Dinangal, had shared a picture from a photoshoot where she is seen wearing a pink top and shorts which the trolls thought was 'inappropriate' for her age, and 'did not suit her culture.'

And before you knew it, fellow actors from the Malayalam film industry started posting pictures of themselves wearing shorts, skirts and dresses, revealing their legs with the hashtag #WomenHaveLegs #LegDay and #GirlsHaveLegsToo.

Within hours, it became an empowering movement against moral policing that encouraged women to feel empowered about their choices.

Check out these pictures!

Why is #WomenHaveLegs trending?

IMAGE: 'Don't worry about what I'm doing. Worry about why you're worried about what I'm doing...' Anaswara Rajan captioned her picture from the photoshoot. Photograph: Kind courtesy Anaswara Rajan/Instagram


Why is <p></p>
#WomenHaveLegs trending?

IMAGE: 'What I wear isn't your business. What anybody wears isn't your business,' Ahaana Krishna wrote against this picture in a longish post.
'I will wear shorts, sari, shirt or a swim-suit... it's not your license to question my character. Neither is it my opportunity to prove my own character. So, WATCH YOUR THOUGHTS, NOT MY CLOTHES,' the actor added. Photograph: Kind courtesy Ahaana Krishna/Instagram


Why is #WomenHaveLegs trending?

IMAGE: 'Yas we have legs' Parvathy Thiruvothu wrote against this picture she posted on Instagram. Photograph: Kind courtesy Parvathy Thiruvothu/Instagram


Why is #WomenHaveLegs trending?

IMAGE: 'Surprise surprise!!! Women have legs' actor-dancer Rima Kallingal wrote against this picture of her in a bikini. Photograph: Kind courtesy Rima Kallingal/Instagram


Why is #WomenHaveLegs trending?

IMAGE: Nazriya shared a photograph with husband Fahadh Faasil, one of India's finest actors. Photograph: Kind courtesy Nazriya Fahadh Faasil/Instagram


Why is #WomenHaveLegs trending?

IMAGE: Sharing this goofy picture, Apoorva Bose wrote: 'Oh my god, you've got legs? Like whaaaaa?' Photograph: Kind courtesy Apoorva Bose/Instagram

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