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Whoa! Katrina Looks So Good In Shirts

June 06, 2023 12:13 IST

In Katrina Kaif's roomy, most-likely walk-in wardrobe, you'll find everything, pura fashion duniya ka styles.

Pieces that get her dher saara pyaar on social media.

Fluid, flowing numbers to wear in the Kaushal parivaar or for Turquotte family events.

Gowns with desi swag which make you Baar Baar Dekho her on the red carpet.

Invitingly-cut swim suits that will wish you could be whisked away to a foreign location and swap places with Vicky's biwi for a microsecond.

Despite the plethora of choices that face her every time she open her closet, Kat has a solid weakness for shirts, which dominate her Insta timeline endlessly.

She's literally got one for every type of do, except maybe shaadis, and the way she innovatively styles this wardrobe basic is something bound to aspire her whopping 73 million Gram followers.

IMAGE: Suraj ke baahon mein!
The bestest way to cool off on killing day of heat in Mumbai is in a loosey-goosey cotton shirt which could well belong to the hubby?
Not to mention how swell Katrina's side-profile looks in her balcony & plants pose :)
Photographs: Kind courtesy Katrina Kaif/Instagram


IMAGE: On 'birthday wala din', she wore a gossamery oversized shirt to the beach.
It was a stylish avenue for covering up the black bikini underneath and save up on the sunscreen.


IMAGE: Wonder where she finds these kameezs?
When Katrina 'had a lot to say... so I put it on my shirt', and wore it with yellow satin Mamma Mia-ish pants.
She makes the world around her smile in an impeccably tailored shirt that's rad, easy and on-trend.



IMAGE: Now that Katrina could wear to a wedding.
How can one deny the charm of this totally Bang Bang shirt-style blouse worn with a sari?  


IMAGE: Smartly turned-out, always fashionable leopards meet their match in Kitto with her her black checks and overalls at Rajasthan's Jawai Bandh sanctuary.


IMAGE: A shirt-pyjama combo is how the Kaif sisters celebrate their Christmas lunch and movie night. It's tartan for Katrina.


IMAGE: It takes a woman like Katrina to remind us that the shirt is eternal.
Hoppin and boppin a satiny flowery shirt dress on sister Isabelle's birthday.