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Who is the Indian Kim Kardashian?

January 17, 2023 13:24 IST

Her fans call her the Indian Kim Kardashian.

Not for nothing.

Browsing Esha Gupta's socials can be like a daily morning habit, along with a cup of coffee, your favourite comic strip and a crossword, because she serves up day-uplifting EG Lewks.

Her hallmark super-confident-chic-meets-sultry aesthetic does wonders for whatever she opts to wear, be it desi or Western or something in between.

And boy does the lady experiment -- she has tried every silhouette imaginable.

But no matter how thrilling she looks in her itsy-bitsy poolwear or dresses of skimpy nothings, it's Esha In Six Yards of Elegance who rules. Always.

Her peti of saris, many borrowed from her mom, is a treasure chest and she dips into it frequently.

IMAGE: When she goes desi, she stops at nothing and opens up her full demure Indian tool kit dibbi.
Gajra. Bindi. Jooda. Heavy kohl. Temple jewellery. Even red sacred threads around her wrists.
Who can harness the allure of a three-tone silk drape and strappy black choli as skillfully as Esha? Swoon...
Photographs: Kind courtesy Esha Gupta/Instagram


IMAGE: The Duchess of Burgundy: Okay this isn't one of Mrs Gupta's saris. Yet it's a lovely integration of old and new, tradish and mod -- like crossing Charulata with Brahmastra.
Esha doesn't need to remind herself to play it cool in a sari. Was she born cool?


IMAGE: It's also about knowing how to pose. We wish we were the person/s at the receiving end of that wistful gaze.


IMAGE: 'You are looking fantastic fantabulous mesmerising outmost empathic extremely impathic mind blowing'.
One of her gob-smacked fans ran out of adjectives while describing what Esha did to his pulse and started to make the words up.
Esha's infatuation with single colour saris is documentable.
But it's the many-hued embroidered black choli that brings the real layer of fascination. The blouse whacks it way beyond the boundary, Virat style.


IMAGE: No stranger to pretty silk saris, but Esha in Mummy's gulab-walli sari is adorable. And oh so prim.


IMAGE: In another Kohli-sixer-in-India-vs-Pakistan-T20-WC2022-match-category choli.
Is this the first-ever nude blouse in B-Town that fashionistas are getting a glimpse of?


IMAGE: Mere Sapno Ki Rani Kab Aayegi Tu: Just when we were expecting an unusual finale to Esha Sari Fables, she surprise us, and the Jaipur scenery, with more conventional small-town glamour girl style in an Anju Modi Indian fairy tale number.