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When Red Riding Hood meets Kill Bill!

April 15, 2021 10:07 IST

Face masks maybe the accessory of the moment, but the fashion world hasn't stopped experimenting with headgear.

At the ongoing Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2021 in Madrid, designers got creative and unveiled a handful of elegant head accessories. Take a look!

IMAGE: When Red Riding Hood meets Kill Bill!
A model walks the runway at the Maya Hansen show in an all-red silhouette.


IMAGE: In full bloom!
In these COVID times, a bouquet of flowers are being seen as a substitute for hugs.
Wonder if that's what the Maya Hansen show tried to showcase.
Photographs: Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images


IMAGE: Is that a poodle on the model's head?
Through his Souvenir collection, Angel Vilda, creative director of Brain & Beast reimagined his childhood.


IMAGE: There's nothing like too much colour and this look from the Brain & Beast show is the proof.


IMAGE: Looks like this model at the Maite by Lola Casademunt show just stepped out of a garden.


IMAGE: Funky headgear from the Brain & Beast show.

Concept: Hitesh Harisinghani/

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