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What Kim Kardashian wore for Halloween

November 02, 2020 14:24 IST

We bring you some of the best celebrity Halloween costumes of 2020.

Even in lockdown, celebs made sure to celebrate Halloween, which falls on October 31, in style.

Posting images of how they celebrated Halloween from home, international models and celebs took to Instagram to reveal their spooky looks.

IMAGE: Bella Hadid dressed up as a Lichtenstein painting. Photograph: Kind courtesy Bella Hadid/Instagram


IMAGE: Kendall Jenner posed as Pamela Anderson in Barb Wire, a 1996 film. She used the occasion to urge Americans to vote. Photograph: Kind courtesy Kendall Jenner/Instagram


IMAGE: It was a cat costume for Hailey Baldwin Bieber who showed up as Gretchen Wieners from Mean Girls, the teen comedy film. Photograph: Kind courtesy Hailey Baldwin Biebe/Instagram


IMAGE: Model Grace Elizabeth kept her look spooky yet sexy. Photograph: Kind courtesy Grace Elizabeth/Instagram


IMAGE: Padma Lakshmi and her daughter spent the day carving pumpkins to lift their spirits (pardon the pun).
'We hope with all our hearts that this time next year we will be able to bound about the neighborhood hunting for treats and scaring our neighbors, but in the playful way,' Padma shared. Photograph: Kind courtesy Padma Lakshmi/Instagram



IMAGE: Padma also shared a throwback pic of her daughter dressed as a devil. Photograph: Kind courtesy Padma Lakshmi/Instagram


IMAGE: Model Lily Aldridge embraced her inner Minnie. Photograph: Kind Courtesy Lily Aldridge/Instagram


IMAGE: Presenting Tyra Banks as The High Priestess of Couture. Photograph: Kind Courtesy Tyra Banks/Instagram


IMAGE: Isn't Halle Berry the best looking clown you have seen? Photograph: Kind courtesy Halle Berry/Instagram


IMAGE: Chrissy Teigen poses with her Spidey aka singer John Legend. Photograph: Kind courtesy Chrissy Teigen/Instagram


IMAGE: Tiffany Haddish took the opportunity to show off her curves. Photograph: Kind courtesy Tiffany Haddish/Instagram?


IMAGE: Kim Kardashian dressed up as Tiger King's Carole Baskin, and her children dressed as baby tigers. Photograph: Kind courtesy Kim Kardashian/Instagram


IMAGE: This look including the hair, make up and costume was put together singlehandedly by Demi Lovato. Photograph: Kind courtesy Demi Lovato/Instagram


IMAGE: Normani poses as Catwoman.Photograph: Kind courtesy Normani/Instagram


IMAGE: Kylie Jenner's king cobra look. Photograph: Kind courtesy Kylie Jenner/Instagram


IMAGE: Cardi B is one glittering Medusa. Photograph: Kind courtesy Cardi B/Instagram

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