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What Is The Age Limit For Doing MBA At An IIM?

April 29, 2024 11:40 IST

There are students with 10+ years of work experience who have done two-year full time MBA, says rediffGURU Patrick Dsouza.

What Is The Age Limit for MBA at IIM?

Kindly note the image has been posted only for representational purposes. Photograph: Kind courtesy IIM-Ahmedabad

Do you want to pursue your MBA from one of the Indian Institutes of Management?

Do you think an MBA can help you switch careers?

Are you preparing to write the Common Admission Test this year?

Want to know how can you use your MBA degree to upgrade your skills and build a better life?

rediffGURU Patrick Dsouza is the founder of Patrick100.

Along with his wife, Rochelle, he trains students for competitive management entrance exams such as the Common Admission Test, the Xavier Aptitude Test, Common Management Admission Test and the Common Entrance Test.

Anonymous: I am 31 now and recently got married.
I am an MBA degree holder with 7 years of experience in HR Operations.

I wanted to switch my career into IT field.
I am planning to learn cloud computing, I have a mixed feelings and looking for guidance.
Please advise what should I do?

If you have a good job at hand, then continue with it.

You can dabble with IT as a side activity.

If you find a good opportunity in the future, then you can make a shift. You may also can look at opportunities where you can blend your knowledge of HR with cloud computing.

Look at IT companies that specialises in servicing HR departments of companies or there are other opportunities like data analytics in the field of HR.


Anonymous: Can I do MBA at the age of 26 or 27 from IIM?

Yes. There are students with 10+ years of work experience who have done two-year full time MBA.

There is also an executive MBA course for students with five plus years work experience. So if you have the required work experience, you can look at that option.


Anonymous: I am an MBA with 20 years of experience. I lost my job recently due to winding up of the company I worked for.
Despite having a rich experience in finance and accounting along with MNC experience, I am finding it difficult to get a suitable job at this time.
I am also passionate about cooking and idea of starting a restaurant to serve two iconic coastal dishes to people in Bangalore at affordable price strikes me all the time.
Should I listen to my heart and go ahead with business idea or should I keep looking out for jobs as it assures me guaranteed monthly salaries. I am a family man. Pls advice

You will have to work out your finances. If you feel you have saved enough, then you can follow your dreams.

If not, then you can try both. Research on what entails opening a restaurant and simultaneously continue applying for job.

If your restaurant business does well, then go ahead and continue with it leaving the idea of a job.

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What Is The Age Limit for MBA at IIM?