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WATCH: Visually challenged kids record their first song

June 24, 2020 16:58 IST

Aanchal Shrivastava co-founded the independent music label TAA so she could train and promote young musicians and revive traditional folk music from across India.

The label recently created its first EP featuring four folk songs from different parts of the country.

The tracks Aya Lariye (a Punjabi folk song), Chamba (a folk song from Himachal Pradesh), Charkha (Punjab) and Vallav Re Nakhwa.

Aya Lariye features visually challenged artistes from the Pragati Andh Vidhyalay in Badlapur, a township on the distant outskirts of Mumbai.

Anchal Shrivastava with visually challenged children from the Pragati Andh Vidhyalay NGO in Badlapur

IMAGE: Aanchal Shrivastava, left, with visually challenged children from the Pragati Andh Vidhyalay.

'Aya Lariye is a very special song,' says Aanchal. 'It has been a very heartwarming experience to spend nights teaching the kids the song over phone calls.'

'The whole band from the NGO is featured in the video and two of the kids have also given vocals with me in the song,' Aanchal adds.

'This song is a lot more than just a song, it imbibes the emotions of these amazing kids who deserve a platform to showcase their outstanding talent.'

WATCH Aya Lariye created by TAA and performed by Aanchal Shrivastava and the children from the Pragati Andh Vidhyalay. Video: Kind courtesy TAA Music Label



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