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Wah Shefali!

January 09, 2023 17:09 IST

Film, theatre and television actor Shefali Shah has always been conservative about the roles she's taken on.

Monsoon Wedding. Satya. Dariya Chhoru. Gandhi, My Father. Darlings. Human. Delhi Crime.

She is similarly selective about what she puts on.

It has to be as minimalist as a Picasso canvas. And nothing more showy than Monet lilies. Mostly, it's as pretty as a Van Gogh landscape.

She has made the sari a chic staple.

Occasionally she steps off the Spartan High Road and goes for some glitz.

And police uniforms have never looked so classy till Shefali started wearing them.

IMAGE: Majesty in simplicity: The buttery linen Raw Mango sari is rooted in tradition. But contemporary in its plain-ness.
Its colour is accentuated by the contrasting ivory silk blouse and metallic necklace.
Photographs: Kind courtesy Shefali Shah/Instagram


IMAGE: When you're wearing pink you don't need much else by way of adornment.
Shefali is able to dial it up, tastefully, with a tiered necklace.


IMAGE: That off-the-minimalist path moment...
There's loads of gold detailing (read too much) on this velvet carnation-hue kaftan.
In the regal bent of her shoulders you get the message -- style is how you wear it.
Photograph: Pradeep Bandekar/Instagram


IMAGE: Impeccable in white in Italy: A fan commented, 'Madam Sir, police ke yeh wardi toh nahin dekhi'.


IMAGE: Hai kinni sohni! Collect a few pointers from Shefali on how to look like a million bucks in a sari.
We're all heart (and envy) for that spectacular necklace which might be close to a million bucks too.