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Vaani Is A Bridal Dream In Ivory

December 21, 2022 08:55 IST

Vaani Kapoor lit up New Delhi as brightly as illuminated India Gate in night-time in her graceful white attire at a cocktails and couture evening to toast the ninth anniversary of Designer Manish Malhotra's flagship store in the capital.

The bridal gown was an embarrassment of riches with its slim threadwork body, over-layer silk fabric trailing skirt, hand-embellished pearl belt, crystal-encrusted blouse that offered a crochet chichi covering to the shoulders and cuffs. Whew!

IMAGE: Bright buxom bride or new-age goddess?
Photographs: Vaani Kapoor/Instagram. Manish Malhotra/Instagram


IMAGE: Nice Day For A White Wedding...


IMAGE: Metres and kilometres of the fine fabric sprawled and spilled out beyond the sofa and across the carpet like a never-ending silk bedsheet in ivory. Or the foam froth on top of a wave.


IMAGE: Back or front, it's deliciously over-the-top sumptuous.