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Recipe: Zuccotto & Choc Cookies

Last updated on: February 14, 2022 12:55 IST

Looking forward to some baking over the weekend?

Try Deeba Rajpal's recipe for 2-Minute Microwave Chocolate Chip Cookies. They are wholegrain, eggless and can be baked in a snap of a finger in the microwave.

The intriguing layered Ombre Zuccotto, which is a wonderful combination of coffee and chocolate, requires more patience, time and effort.

The special element of this dessert is that 'one needs a bowl to hand-whisk the batter in, then the same bowl to set the dessert in.'

Two-Minute Microwave Wholegrain Chocolate Chip Cookies, Without Eggs

'Credit for these go to the daughter who took my cookie-for-one stovetop recipe and baked them quite easily in the microwave', says Deeba Rajpal.

'Not a very keen microwave baker until then, I wasted no time and began experimenting almost immediately!'

Servings: 4 cookies


For the dry mix

For the wet mix


Note: If you want to personalise the flavour, experiment with cinnamon powder, coffee, orange zest, etc.

Frozen berries will also be lovely!

Vegans can substitute the butter/ghee with cashew butter, available online or make your own (external link).

Chocolate and Coffee Ombre Zuccotto, Without Eggs

This zuccotto is an old favourite first had in Milan way back in 1990.

'A dessert cake is said to be inspired by the cathedral domes of Italy -- it's a simple dessert that basically needs a bowl, a whisk and an oven,' she shares.

'My version is a coffee and chocolate one; a rather interesting baking project to undertake. A real fun one!'

Servings: One 8-inch torte


For the coffee sponge

For the coffee mascarpone

For the chocolate ganache filling and frosting

For the mascarpone frosting


For the coffee mascarpone

For the chocolate ganache filling and frosting

To assemble

Excerpted from Passionate About Baking by Deeba Rajpal with kind permission from the publishers Penguin Random House India.