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V-Day Special: 10 things to avoid on your first date

February 11, 2016 12:44 IST

Let your first date not be the last...

Illustrations by Uttam Ghosh/

 Fortunate enough to land yourself a date on February 14?

If it's your first date, beware! Don't do something stupid to spoil the moment.

Here are some first date rules you must remember.

1. Don't be late

Don't be late

Plan your day accordingly and reach on time.

There is no harm reaching early; it will save you the trouble of apologising in case you get stuck in traffic.

It will also help you stay in charge of the things you have planned for your date.

2. Don't be overdressed or poorly dressed

Don't be overdressed or poorly dressed

Whatever people tell you, appearance does matter.

It is probably the first thing your date will notice about you.

Dress appropriately and look your best.

Smell good and make sure there is no food stuck in-between your teeth when you're eating and talking.

Remember, a smile can speak a million words and reveal much more.

3. Don't prioritise your cell phone

Don't prioritise your cell phone

We all love our cell phones and enjoy chatting for hours with our friends.

But, when on a date, keep your phone on silent.

Even better, switch it off unless there is some emergency or you are expecting an important phone call. In which case, inform your date.  

Your date will feel extremely special if you give her all your attention.

4. Don't expect her to pay

Don't expect her to pay

In fact, avoid going dutch on your first date.

Be as chivalrous as possible.

Remember, first impressions are vital.

5. Don't grill her -- leave your questionnaire at home

Don't grill her

We all have a zillion questions in our head and we want answers, but your first date is not the right occasion.

Do not carry a list of questions to ask your date. Remember, it is a date, not an interview.

Use the time to get to know each other. Keep the conversation as lively as possible.

Too many questions will only ruin the date.

6. Avoid sexual jokes

Avoid sexual jokes


Refrain from cracking sexual jokes on your first date as you might intimidate her or send across the wrong message. 

Such jokes are great when you are with your male friends or maybe when you two know each other really well.

7. Don't force her into anything

Don't force her into anything

When a woman says a 'no', she means it. 

Don't force her to do something she is not comfortable with.

From the choice of food to consuming alcohol or even insisting on dropping her home... don't force her.

8. Let her speak

Let her speak

Some people get so carried away with their own voice that they forget to let their date speak. Don't be that kind of person. 

You can start the conversation, but keep pausing to let her speak. 

It is always a good option to hear what the other person has to say. 

At the same time, avoid bringing up issues that will lead to arguments or displeasure for each other.

9. Do not fart, dig your nose or pick your teeth

Do not fart

Women place a lot of importance on hygiene.

Picking your teeth in public, farting, burping aloud or digging your nose will put her off. 

Most importantly, avoid bragging about yourself. 

Let your actions speak louder than your words. 

10. Don't talk about your past

Don't talk about your past

If the two of you keep meeting, your date will eventually get to know about your past.

Avoid any conversation about your ex as well when you meet her for the first time. 

There is a reason why somebody is not in your life anymore and it is pointless dragging them into the conversation. Instead let the conversation be about the two of you, your hobbies, tastes, interests, etc. 

Have more tips or suggestions on what you should not do on your first date? Tell us about it! Post your tips here!

Illustration: Uttam Ghosh/

Anita Aikara