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Turning waste into fashion

Last updated on: December 26, 2020 07:43 IST

Taiwanese designer Wang Li-Ling visits dumps to scout for wires and pieces of metal that can be recycled and used in the silhouettes she creates.

The wires, springs and bolts are then stitched onto the garments to give them a futuristic feel.

Scroll down to take a look at some of the pics from her recent fashion show that took place in Taipei.

IMAGE: A model poses in a silhouette made out of recycled materials by designer Wang Li-Ling at a fashion show in Taipei, Taiwan.
Take a closer look and you'll spot nut, bolts and springs attached to the outfit.
Photographs: Ann Wang/Reuters


IMAGE: Before the show, Wang visited a duMp to find material that could be recycled and used for her garments.


IMAGE: At Wang's studio, the old springs were cleaned and painted before being used as an element for dressmaking.


IMAGE: A model showcases a silhouette made with recycled materials at the show.


IMAGE: The future is about sustainability and Wang is doing her best to turn waste into fashion.


IMAGE: Dressed in an outfit accessorised with salvaged springs, a model takes to the ramp with the designer.

Concept: Hitesh Harisinghani/

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