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You'll want to head to Andaman right away

January 22, 2017 10:00 IST

Pack your bags. You'll need a vacay after seeing these pics.

There is a reason why Andaman is a favourite among travellers.

The pristine beaches and the greenish blue waters are a treat to the sore eyes.

Once you are here, you may not want to head back to the city.

Rediff readers shared these stunning images of the island on #India-Photos

IMAGE: Say hello to the sun at Sitapur beach at the break of dawn.
Photograph: Dr Rajesh Sharma

IMAGE: Watch the greenish blue waters gush through and hit the rocks and tease your senses.
Photograph: Dr Rajesh Sharma

IMAGE: Let your jaw drops as you catch sight of the natural rock formations.
Photograph: Dr Rajesh Sharma

IMAGE: Enjoy the white sand beaches at Havelock Island.
Photograph: Sambhunath Basu

IMAGE: The mesmerizing Havelock Islands will soothe your tired nerves.
Photograph: Navraj Singh

IMAGE: The sunrise at Kalipur Beach at Diglipur is rivetting.
Photograph: Amit Ghosal

IMAGE: The Amrakunj Beach at Rangat, Andaman.
Photograph: Amit Ghosal

IMAGE: Soak in the evening sun and retire the night at Neil island in Andaman.
Photograph: Dr Rajesh Sharma

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