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Share your monsoon pics and we'll publish it

June 07, 2018 15:04 IST

With the first rains hitting the city, we ask you, dear readers to share your monsoon pics. 


Children cool off from the summer heat as they play in the rain. Photograph: Hitesh Harisinghani/

After the scorching heat and unbearable humidity, the monsoon has finally arrived!

As you step out on the street to soak in the rains, you'll notice children splashing water on each other. 

Couples enjoying themselves as they cozy under an umbrella. 

No one cares about their clothes getting wet, and everyone seems to enjoy the first showers.

If you're not out getting wet in the rain, then you are surely sitting by the window, sipping a hot cup of tea and enjoying a plate of hot pakodas or samosas.

The monsoon also brings with it fond childhood memories of making paper boats and setting them afloat in puddles and small streams. 

It is the perfect time for a long romantic drive and we are certain the adventurous sorts are waiting for the weekend trek. 

Amidst all this, there will be many who would have used their phones to snap their first monsoon selfie of 2018.   

We ask you, dear readers to share you monsoon pics and selfies with us. Click here to post your #Monsoon-Pics.

You can also mail your photographs to (subject line: 'Monsoon Pics') along with your NAME, AGE and LOCATION where it was clicked at.

We'll publish the most interesting ones right here on Make sure to include a little-write up of where you clicked the snap.

Remember, the theme is the monsoons, so your photograph has to gel with the season. Hurry and send in your fave pics today!

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