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Ranveer Singh's tribute to Charlie Chaplin is now viral

Last updated on: May 02, 2018 14:11 IST

The spunky actor shows us why the land of romance has so much more to offer. 

For most Indians, Switzerland is one place that features in their travel bucketlist.

Part of it, could also be the Bollywood fixation of their favourite stars romancing in the Alps.

But for the European destination's brand ambassador Ranveer Singh, Switzerland has other reasons to fall in love with.

Check out these pictures from his recent trip:

Ranveer Singh in Switzerland

Ranveer extended his penchant for mimicing actors by doing a Charlie Chaplin in Switzerland.
He visited Chaplin's World and also shared a small video of him enacting a scene. The video, he shared on Instagram has since gone viral, having viewed by over 1 million people.

All photographs: Kind courtesy Ranveer Singh/Instagram

Ranveer Singh in Switzerland

While it may be hard to match the flamboyance of Freddie Mercury, Ranveer Singh couldn't help not tributing the British legend.
While visiting his famous bronze statue, the actor posed dressing like him sporting a military-inspired bright yellow jacket with white shirt and trousers with red and gold piping.

"My parents were big fans of Queen (Mercury was the band's lead vocalist)," the actor told DNA.
"They never missed an opportunity to instill that sense of pride in me saying ‘Do you know the legendary rockstar’s formative years were spent in India?’ So, I had that extra bit of fascination for Freddie Mercury,” Singh told the publication.

Ranveer Singh in Switzerland

That's him on Glacier 3000 in Switzerland.
Showing off the snowy vistas, he posted this photograph to explain why he felt on ‘The Top of the world’ while walking across the 107 meter-long and 3000 meter-high altitude bridge. 
For those who don't know, the Peak Walk is the only suspension bridge in the world that connects two peaks and Ranveer is right here in the middle of it.
Can you feel the adrenalin rush?

Ranveer Singh in Switzerland

Only Ranveer can make this sledge ride so much fun.

Ranveer Singh in Switzerland

Or a visit to Chillon Castle on Lake Geneva so stylish. Packing your bags already?

Ranveer Singh in Switzerland

And yes, lovers of jazz, don't forget to unwind your Swiss trip with music and your favourite drink.