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Mcleodganj: The town that slows you down

Last updated on: May 08, 2015 14:59 IST

You cannot just swing by to say hello to the Dalai Lama when you're in Mcleodganj but there's plenty to experience discovers Hitesh Harisinghani/

Coming from the bustle of city life, I find myself falling in love with this charming little town of Mcleodganj in Himachal Pradesh.

Located against the splendid backdrop of snow-capped mountains, about 10 km away from Dharamsala, Mcleodganj also known as Little Lhasa is the seat of the Tibetan government-in-exile and residence of the Dalai Lama.

Life here is much slower compared to Mumbai, the place I belong to and the people, mostly Tibetans, are friendly and always have a smile on their faces.

Mcleodganj offers several panoramic views, this is one of them. After a while, I put my camera away and just let the view soak in.

A two-hour drive away from Pathankot railway station, Mcleodganj offers this view of the Dhauladhar mountain range.

Mcleodganj forces you to slow down, literally.

This, for instance, is a single-lane bridge that demands tremendous patience from you.

You have to wait for the traffic from the other side to pass before you can do the same! :-)

This is the view you get from Naddi Point, the highest viewing point in Mcleodganj.

And this is Mcleodganj's very own Dal Lake, whose name has been taken from, yep, the one in Kashmir! :-)

Momos may well be a popular street food in New Delhi but if you're from Mumbai, like me, momos are something of a rarity.

Needless to say, I have never enjoyed Momos as much as I did in Mcleodganj.

These are the prayer wheels inside the Tsuglagkhang temple in Mcleodganj.

And this is a view of the Buddha's statue inside it.

A group of monks protest on the streets of Dharamsala, mourning the deaths of their fellowmen and women.

A cup of tea perhaps? This old man with a bright yellow turban has more than a few varieties to offer. :-)

The former home stadium of Kings XI Punjab, the Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association Stadium stands 4,780 feet above sea level and offers stunning views of the Himalayas.

Needless to say, cricket isn't the only interesting thing you will be seeing if you're here!

This bright yellow building is the Gyuto Monastery that specialises in the study of Tantric meditation, Tantric ritual arts and Buddhist philosophy.

It isn't just the buildings here that are colourful, the markets are too! :-)

And don't you ever think that Mcleodganj doesn't have anything urban. The tiny town nestled amidst the Himalayas has several pubs too. The difference? They have an infinitely better view than the ones in Mumbai!

Hitesh Harisinghani