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Pix: Meet our feathered friends

November 04, 2018 10:05 IST

Rediff readers shared these photographs from their travels. You too can share your #India-Photos.

India photos

Richard Jones snapped this eagle perched on a branch.

India photos

Palanki Narayana found this barn owl during one of his travels.

India photos

Palanki found this peacock at the Viralimalai temple in Tamil Nadu.

India photos

The yellow bellied pigeon photographed by Palanki looks ready to feast on some fruits.

 Follow this link to post the best of your #India-Photos and we will publish them right here on!

You can see all the published photographs here!

Disclaimer: The photographs featured in this series are, to the best of our knowledge, original entries submitted by readers. does not assume any responsibility for their originality.

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