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In pix: The stories behind the ruins of Hampi

April 04, 2018 13:50 IST

Rediff readers who visited the heritage site in Karnataka shared these photographs.
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Hampi, or the ruins of Hampi, as it is popularly known, is a place where every stone has a story to tell.

The 700-year-old city in Karnataka was built on the banks of Tungabhadra river.

What you see today, are the ruins of a once-flourishing Vijayanagar Empire, protected by UNESCO, after declaring it a heritage site.

Rediff readers who visited the place shared these photographs.


At Hampi, you'll see plenty of rock structures like these spread across 26 sq km.
There are ruins of temples and royal enclosures.

Photograph: Avyaktam Swarup 


Notice the architecture of the stepped bath. It may have been used by the royals or for religious reasons.
It has plenty of aqueducts but no drainage facility.

Photograph: Avyaktam Swarup 


Don't miss the massive stone chariots.

Photograph: Avyaktam Swarup 


A view of Hampi during monsoon. During summers, it is mostly dry and lacks vegetation.

Photograph: Narasimha Bhat


Aurojyoti Pattnaik captioned this picture: "Krishna Temple in the ruins of Hampi. It was built to commemorate Krishnadevaraya's victory over Udayagiri which is in Odisha."

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