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10 wonderful ideas for a romantic 'first' date

Last updated on: December 22, 2014 12:12 IST

Fun. Adventure. Nature. Humour.

What's your idea of a perfect first date? Read on...

Psychologist Sigmund Freud used to conduct word association tests in order to discover the psyche of a patient.

He would say a word and the patient had to reply with the first thought or image that came to his mind.

If Mr Freud were to use the words 'first date' as a part of those tests, we’re pretty sure most people would say 'movie' or 'dinner'. 

Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but movie and dinner dates are so old-school, they're boring! 

If you want to take your date to some place fun and memorable, so much so that they can't wait to see you again and again, these ideas will work great for you.

Whether the relationship lasts beyond one date or not, memories from these 10 unique dates will stay with you.

Surprise your partner with a romantic date

Rooftop romance

Move over candle light dinners, rooftop dates are the new rage.

Be it Breeze in Mumbai, Amour in Delhi or The Persian Terrace in Bangalore, the country has a host of rooftop restaurants that offer panoramic views, great ambience and delicious food.

Take the lady or man in your life to one of these places for a meal a little before sunset and enjoy a magical evening as you two watch the sun go down while you get to know each other better.

Starlit picnic

Pack some juice, sandwiches or a bottle of some fine wine and head to any open space like a park, ground or field with your significant other.

Head out in the evening to enjoy your mini picnic under a blanket of stars.

This is sure to be an evening straight out of a fairytale.

Furry friends

If both you and your date are animal lovers, take them to a nearby animal shelter and spend the day playing with kittens, petting dogs or feeding birds. 

Volunteer to spend your time with furry friends; both your date and the animals will thank you for it.

Spice it up with ice

Take your partner to a skating date

This date will be super-cool, quite literally.

Most cities now have ice skating rinks that are immensely popular and a lot of fun to visit.

Head over to one of them with your date, put on skates and have some fun on the ice.

You are sure to have a date brimming with slips and slides, lots of giggles and maybe even some hand holding.


Sign up for a dance class together

Along with your partner, sign up for a one day workshop on anything that interests the two of you.

It could anything from learning Italian to ballroom dancing to tarot card reading -- the options are plenty.

Find something that will bind the two of you and introduce you to new things.

The adventurous amour

If you're feeling rather adventurous, why not hit an amusement park with your date?

You’re never too old for the thrills of adventurous rollercoasters. 

Gear up for a day full of screams, shouts, excitement and adrenaline rushes.

Bowl 'em over

Bowling is an effortless and casual date idea.

Bowling alleys have a low stress environment, so your date will feel relaxed and comfortable -- a must for a first date.

You two will end up bonding while you indulging in some friendly competition.

Explore the home turf

Take a trip around your home city

It is easy to take one's home city for granted, but have you ever given a thought to the fact that every year thousands of people visit it as tourists? 

Take your date along to explore your home city from a different perspective (there's so much to discover, it's not even funny) and finally get around to seeing and doing all that you have always wanted to do in your city. 

Spend the morning sight-seeing, an afternoon meal at a local restaurant and wind up your date with hot cuppa tea or coffee.

Laugh your way to love

Laughing together is the best thing can happen on a date.

If you don't trust your comedic caper enough, take your date for a live comedy show. 

Read up to find an interesting stand-up comic event that might be happening in your city.

After all, there is no greater bonding than laughing at the same jokes.

The natural liaison

If you and your partner love the beauty and peace of being surrounded by nature, a day spent trekking in the wilderness is ideal for you.

Pick an easy to trek trail in the hills and set off.

A day in the company of nature and isolated from city crowds will go a long way in allowing you to spend some quality time together.

Palak Kapadia