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The yogini who loves to pose with skyscrapers

Last updated on: November 19, 2020 17:06 IST

Be prepared to be marveled by this yoga enthusiast's asanas blended with stunning views.

Off the treadmill, yoga girl Mia Caine loves to unwind in the company of tall breathtaking concrete structures.

Based in New York City, this certified yoga instructor makes difficult yoga poses look super easy -- she has mesmerised her fans with her flexibility.

If you have been locked down in the city and have nowhere to go, let Mia inspire you to drive away pandemic blues.

IMAGE: We can't decide what we like better, the perfect pose or the excellent view!
'What a time this has been -- there have been so many ups and downs late,' Mia writes, speaking about the pandemic.
'I hope you found space to celebrate light, love and maybe enjoy the physical, mental, and spiritual practice of yoga.'
Photographs: Kind courtesy Mia Caine/Instagram


IMAGE: Reaching out for the skies. Movement is her favourite form of expression and yoga has taught her to respect her body.
However, a car accident last year made Mia restrict her movements.
'There are times when I feel sad that I can't practice like I used to, mad that such a vital part of my body has been injured, frustrated that my spine causes me pain in almost every situation, impatient with how long recovery has taken and will take, and despondent that this is my new normal.'


IMAGE: 'Don't let difficult times make you forget your blessings,' she advices.
Mia has been challenging herself to rise above doubt and fear through the pandemic.
She has decided to replace some of the worry with hope.


IMAGE: That's her with her pet doing yoga surrounded by some of NYC's concrete structures.


IMAGE: 'Life has been a little chaotic lately. But even in all the chaos, I'm taking some moments to remember that I can only receive what I see myself receiving, for everything comes through me, not to me,' she adds.


IMAGE: Watch THAT pose.


IMAGE: Mia attempts a stretch as she relaxes by a window overlooking NYC's skyscrapers.

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