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'The Navy transforms you as a person'

December 13, 2016 10:00 IST

Captain Krishna Swaminathan, Commanding Officer of the INS Vikramaditya, India's majestic aircraft carrier, and naval pilot Lieutenant Commander Lalit Yadav tell's Prasanna D Zore why the Indian Navy is a "very, very good" career option.

Captain Krishna Swaminathan: The training you get here transforms you as a person

Captain Krishna Swaminathan, Commanding Officer, INS Vikramaditya

3 reasons why Indian youth should join the Indian Navy...

India's youth has lot of reasons to join the Indian Navy.

Firstly, it is a very, very good career that enables you to grow personally and professionally.

The training you get here transforms you as a person.

You get to work with the best professionals you can see in uniform.

You get to learn the best of technologies. You get lot of opportunities to grow and the satisfaction you get out of your job is immense.

The reason you love your job...

I work with the best professionals that I can find anywhere (in the world).

I work with very, very, capable platforms.

Your advice to India's youth...

All of us think of serving our nation at some point in our life and do national service.

If you too feel inclined to do the national service, wear the uniform, then come to the Indian Navy. It is the best.

I have spent almost 30 years with the Indian Navy and I did not find even a dull moment in my career.

It is a very exciting and satisfying life.

Lieutenant Commander Lalit Yadav: 'If you join the armed forces, you are serving the nation'

Lieutenant Commander Lalit Yadav with his crew in front of Kamov 31

3 reasons why the Indian youth should join the Indian Navy...

I can give you many.

First of all, (it gives you) pride and honour once you wear the uniform.

Second, this is not a job; this is service you are doing for your nation and this service lets you keep your head high and chest out.

The third is, from an outsider's perspective, if you are in the Army, Navy or the Air Force, you are given a certain respect and people look up to you.

They respect the job you do and know that you are securing the country's borders.

3 things that you love about your job...

I love the respect which I get.

The training which we get in the armed forces you cannot get in the civil world.

You love the feeling that the Navy, or the armed forces, is always looking after your well-being.

Message to India's youth...

If you love your country, you should know where to work.

If you pick up a job, you are serving yourself, but if you join the armed forces, you are serving the nation.

Prasanna D Zore