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The Hottest Jobs for Freshers in India

June 16, 2022 12:17 IST

As per's latest report, marketing and sales related roles such as business development, digital marketing, telemarketing, and content writing are most in demand for entry level talent.

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India has the wealth of labour force which is one of the youngest in the world. And this wealth is only expected to grow exponentially in the next five to ten years.

Young graduates in India have the world at their feet with unparalleled access to technology and a fresh outlook on life which, thanks to the unprecedented crisis foisted on them, have made them wiser beyond their years.

However, at the same time, over 40 lakh (4 million) youth in India lost their jobs over the course of the pandemic, creating temporary disruption in hiring across industries.

The last two years have been tumultuous for graduates who have completed their education via virtual classrooms and disrupted university experiences.

But things have begun to look up again in 2022.

The fresher hiring market in India has become a beguiling space with recruiters from numerous industries aiming to procure top talent for their teams amidst high attrition rates.

While some industries are faring better than others, the overall demand for entry level talent has growth 19% annually this May as per, indicating a vast scope of opportunities for new entrants in the white collar job market.

A fresh perspective, new thought processes, and high efficiency continues to be top priority for companies, and freshers are the most ideal job candidates to contribute to organisational growth across industries today.

Travel and airlines witnesses a surge in hiring

Interestingly, the travel/airlines segment has been the job creating segment for entry level professionals this May, with a 50% spike in hiring demand (May ’22 vs May ’21).

With domestic and international travel back to pre-pandemic levels, the travel and hospitality industry in India holds true potential for growth in the coming months and this has certainly been reflected in the demand for talent in this space.

The ITeS industry and BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) industry, on the back of rapid digitisation, has constantly been on the rise since November 2021, indicating positive hiring sentiments across experience levels.

For entry level talent, a 47% rise was noted in May across these segments. The Indian BPO industry, well on its way to becoming a prominent outsourcing hub and consequently a leading employer, has witnessed modernisation on an increasing level further contributing to a rise in demand for fresh talent.

Jobs in HR, administration and recruitment have seen a substantial rise as per Monster data with a 42% growth in job posting activity.

As more and more companies look to recruit new talent and improve their focus on employee wellbeing and retention practices, building a strong HR team has become core to organizational priorities today.

With new age fintech players bringing about a new world of innovative products and services, the BFSI (Banking, Financial Services and Insurance) space is absolutely thriving with the need for fresh talent to keep up with the transformation in the industry. Fresher hiring has seen a 29% uptrend across the financial segment.

Moreover, IT hiring, which has been at the brink of many conversations over the past year, despite start-up layoffs and the Great Reset, has seen a moderate rise in job posting activity at 9% annually.

Marketing and tech roles in maximum demand

Marketing and sales related roles such as business development, digital marketing, telemarketing, and content writing are most in demand for entry level talent.

As companies aim to achieve their annual targets with more branding activities, related roles have witnessed exhaustive demand and will continue to do so.

Moreover, tech-enabled skills such as data analysis, Java, and full stack continue to flourish.

Bengaluru remains hotspot for freshers

Among Indian cities, maximum employment opportunities for freshers has been observed in Bengaluru as more and more companies transition to work from office and look to hire across top cities where their offices are headquartered.

Mumbai and Delhi progress close behind with a plethora of job opportunities in city pockets.

The future of jobs for fresh graduates

In the coming quarters, organisations will continue to invest in hiring and upskilling new talent with increasing focus on employee retention to contribute to their growing businesses, with India taking steps to economic revival post the pandemic.

As India continues to adopt a digital-first approach to work, newer emerging job roles and skill sets are bound to evolve in the future.

These are likely to be tech-based and will create an upheaval in demand for talent with future ready skills.

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