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Top Sania Mirza Off-Court Moments

January 31, 2023 14:15 IST

Sania's cool reserve is almost a Mirza brand. It's marketable.

It's chic enough to put distance between her and any notion of fashion frivolity. And classy enough to give her always a cloak of dignity.

The way she dresses offers a message of unapologetic style. And an unfiltered persona.

Sania Mirza may have quit her Grand Slam journey, but she continues to shine wherever she goes because of a personal charisma that is accentuated by her wardrobe choices.

The Mumma to Izhaan Mirza Malik has a sartorial sense that is unedited, raw but full of gracious oomph. That's two words that do not go together but they hang, hand in hand, for Sania.

IMAGE: The view outside may be gob-smackingly fantastic, but who cares... not when Sania flexes fashion brawn in a subdued green jumpsuit that carries a monotone ease.
The beige belt offers light relief.
All photographs: Kind courtesy Sania Mirza/Instagram


IMAGE: Drop shot! Black bodycon top. Sleeveless blazer. High-waist shimmering gold pants.
This winner always takes it all.


IMAGE: What a stunning mom!
She lobs another delightful ball high above fashion nets in a lapis lazuli-blue blazer suit with son Izhaan by her side.


IMAGE: Part ethnic, part Western? Is that its genre?
Does it matter.
With a bustier in another print, Sania delivers lotsa flavour as neatly as her tennis serve.


IMAGE: Prim Dubai Business Code: When she's at work handling her tennis academies, it's pants and a functional blue shirt with white stripes that give her a charming boss look.


IMAGE: Smashing it: As a bridemaid she cuts an ultra pretty pic in Falguni Shane Peacock pinky lilac.
Total desi fashion topspin.
We heart you, Sania, in tennis white or off court colour!