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10 Things To Check Before You Swipe Right

September 16, 2022 10:57 IST

As many as 34% of online daters reveal that they would never date someone who earns less than them, points out Ravi Mittal, CEO, Quack Quack, an online dating app.

Kindly note the image -- a scene from Netflix's Indian Matchmaking -- has been posted only for representational purposes.

On a dating app, people make up their minds about liking a profile or moving on to the next one in a matter of seconds.

Based on our research, there are two primary deciding factors while matching with someone in a dating app -- physical appearance and similar interests.

But that's not all.

There are 10 key factors that aid daters decide which profile is worth liking.

#1. Your profile picture

The first thing someone notices when they come across a profile is their display image.

Strategic and cleverly uploaded pictures are also of substantial importance; hence putting your best foot forward while choosing them is advisable.

According to one of our surveys, two out of five men expressed how they love it when a woman puts up a mix of candids and professionally clicked headshots.

It works to show how she can be fun and composed, depending on what the situation demands.

These men claimed that images that reveal your interest, like a photo of you hiking or in an art gallery, also get more attention.

Did you know a profile picture with a dog has a higher chance of getting likes?

#2. A witty bio

Your bio is the one place in the online dating world where you can show people you are more than your looks.

And whether you know it or not, many individuals look beyond physical appearance.

A witty bio with expertly placed personal information can sweep people off their virtual feet and match instantly.

Some survey respondents disclosed that a bio divided calculatedly into an introduction of themselves and what they are looking for makes it easier to decide whether or not to hit a like.

You instantly realise that this person is straightforward and does not want to waste their time or yours.

#3. Aesthetics

For a large crowd, the deciding factor does not go beyond aesthetics.

One of the key influencing factors that guide people's selection of a potential love interest in a dating app is appearance.

Most people stay on a profile for a few seconds before moving on to the next.

If their photos seem appealing, it's a match; if not, pass. It can be shocking how little anything else matters beyond attractiveness.

#4. Location

Online dating offers everything but physical proximity.

So while choosing a profile to match with, daters often prefer people from the same city or town.

If you are looking for a real relationship, physical proximity is critical.

As many as 43% women users who participated in our survey said that if you are matching with someone intending to get to know them well and eventually date the person, then meeting in person is absolutely essential.

In such cases, location often plays out to be a deciding factor based on the nature of the relationship you are seeking.

#5. Personal habits and choices

Most dating apps ask you to add your habits and preferences -- for example, whether you smoke or drink, your food habits and preferences, and so on.

This lets people decide whether your personal choices and habits are something they can live with.

For instance, several people despise smoking. So when they notice their potential matches' smoking habits, they are likely to pass on that profile.

#6. Personality

It's not so easy to figure out someone's personality simply by looking at their profile picture or bio.

Personality and like-mindset has a massive impact on the decision-making process.

Even though two people may have different likes and choices, the secret to a lasting and happy relationship is a perfectly aligned personality.

#7. Mutual interests

As per one of our surveys, four out of seven people said they only date people with at least three to four mutual interests.

It keeps the relationship from getting lifeless with time.

When people explore the profile of a potential match, they often focus on the person's interests. For instance, if you come across a person who loves cricket and country music, same as you, wouldn't you want to connect with them?

It almost seems like a match made in heaven.

#8. Resources matter

Online dating has left people spoilt for choices and is making them pickier by the day.

You'd think that these factors will be enough to help them make a choice. However, there are some daters who look more carefully, checking on resources such as education, employment, and intelligence.

According to our survey, 34% of online daters revealed that they would never date someone who earns comparatively less than them. It has to be equal or more.

The same goes for educational qualifications.

#9. A verified profile

A verified dating profile always seems more approachable and genuine.

Among everything that the online dating world offers, there are some vices too.

While most dating apps do their best to provide the utmost security, users tread with caution just as well.

Keeping safety in mind, most online daters are more inclined toward choosing a verified profile over an unverified one.

#10 Impressive first messages

The power of an impressive first message is unfathomable.

It has the potential to reveal your personality, speak about your interests, show off your wit, and whatnot.

The possibilities are limitless if you know how to wield them to your advantage.

Some dating apps like QuackQuack offer the option to chat before you match, knowing well how sometimes the profile picture, bio, and all the other information can fall short in front of an impressively crafted first message.