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10 Reasons Why Dating Is Hard In India

September 23, 2022 10:16 IST

Parental interference is a nuisance for young Indian daters, observes Ravi Mittal, CEO, Quack Quack, an online dating app.
They either have a problem with the person their child is dating or with dating in general.

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We all fantasise about having an exciting dating life. But it doesn't come easily to everyone.

Although dating is more prevalent among the youth, they are also the ones who face the most obstacles.

From parental interference to financial issues and job crises, the Indian youth witnesses several challenges in their dating life.

The dating app Quack Quack had surveyed its users in their 20s and 30s to understand some of the challenges young Indians face while they are dating.

Presenting the top 10 reasons why young Indians struggle to find the right match.

1. Commitment issues

Commitment issue is a problem among the Indian youth.

You are in your 20s and don't know what you want. That is the oldest story in the history of dating.

Some people say they want to be in a relationship, but when the question arises, 'Where do you see this going,' it scares them immensely.

Committing to love one person for the rest of your life -- the concept is complex for them to grasp. And their young age has a lot to do with this mentality.

When asked about this, 22% male participants revealed that they are hanging somewhere between 'not a casual hookup' and 'not an exclusive relationship' either.

2. Job crisis and financial insecurity

If you ask an Indian in their 20s, 'Have you ever been rejected by a date based on your job?' at least one out of seven respondents will say yes.

The job crisis in the country is real and in many cases it has been an obstacle in the dating life.

While some of them couldn't continue a relationship due to their failure to secure a decent job, there are several instances of couples breaking up owing to financial issues.

3. Lack of communication

Communication is everything when you are dating.

From trying to get a date to maintaining a healthy relationship, communication is key.

At least 27% daters mentioned that communication, or rather a lack of it, is one of the leading reasons for break up.

4. Introversion

Dating is not an easy feat. And if you are an introvert, sometimes even a simple 'hello' feels like a task.

One of the many challenges among young daters aged between 20 and 30 is their introverted nature.

An introvert dater desires deep connection, which is not easy to find. Meeting people the traditional way can feel daunting for them.

5. Aloofness

In this fast-paced world, affection and intimacy are getting wiped out.

Two out of ten young Indians break up due to a lack of intimacy.

From a hectic work schedule to a general detached mentality, romance seems dead.

The young daters are more into 'Netflix and chill' and 'speed dating.'

While the new trends may have their own charm, a good, old-fashioned intimate relationship is essential if you want to live a happy life.

6. Mental health issues

For some of the young daters, poor mental health affects their dating lives as well.

Young Indian daters have disclosed that they lose interest, have low self-esteem, and suffer from erratic mood swings.

These take a toll on their relationship, sometimes even leading to a breakup.

7. Past breakups and baggage

The more people you have dated, the more breakups you must have experienced. And, unfortunately, these past experiences have an effect, says the young daters.

Most develop a fear of commitment, trust issues, and a fear of being vulnerable.

And these are the building blocks of a relationship.

It is not easy to fall in love with past baggage and a heart full of doubts.

8. Jealousy and insecurity

Jealousy and insecurity can kill a relationship.

Young daters get emotionally attached to their matches, and seeing someone else around them can invoke jealousy.

The younger you are, the more insecurities you have. That is a fact.

And this insecurity leads to foolish decisions.

From introducing your date to your parents too soon to abiding by their rules and seeking their approval, young daters do ill-judged things owing to their insecurity.

9. Parental resistance

Indian parents are generally not keen on their children dating.

Arranged marriage is still prevalent in our country. Hence, parental interference is a nuisance for young Indian daters.

As many as 36 per cent of the survey participants aged between 20 and 25 mentioned that their parents don't approve of their relationship.

They either have a problem with the person they are dating or with dating in general. Some people even disclosed lying to their parents when they go on dates.

10. Over-dependence on dates

Some young daters rely on their relationships or their dates for their source of emotional security.

But once they lose it, as it is in most cases, these young people go into a general depressive state of mind.

It is key to understand that a relationship, like everything else in life, is not permanent.

Measuring your self-worth based on this would only lead to heartache.