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Tea Time Recipes: Masala Chai and Healthy Potato Snack

May 28, 2022 13:00 IST

Can you say no to this refreshing, aromatic tea with the goodness of Indian spices?

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IAS officer Durga Shakti Nagpal's guilty pleasure during her pregnancy was masala chai.

"And in no way was I giving it up for nine long months, health concerns be damned," she reveals in her book Grow Your Baby, Not Your Weight.

So, she came up with her own special recipe that didn't disturb her stomach at all and let her could continue drinking tea throughout the pregnancy.

"It is so simple to make and has a wonderful taste and aroma," she adds.

Masala Chai


Serves: 1


For 120 gm of chai masala powder


To make the chai masala powder

Note: The cardamom is an antioxidant and has a mild, sweet taste.

Pepper is anti-inflammatory and great for digestion.

Dry ginger improves immunity and is particularly helpful to fight coughs and colds during seasonal weather changes.

Cinnamon sticks add a unique, sweet taste and warmth to the tea and help regulate sugar consumption.

Cloves are particularly helpful in relieving expecting mothers' aches and pains and helping in the baby's brain development.

Nutmeg regulates heart and liver functioning.

Tulsi leaves, often called holy basil, have immense benefits such as warding off infections, regulating your blood pressure, and keeping pregnancy-induced nausea at bay.

Saffron, because of its 'cold' nature, is one of the most potent and natural mood up-lifters. It helps cure morning sickness and greatly aides in improving digestion.

Healthy Potato Snack

Serves: 2



Excerpted from Grow Your Baby, Not Your Weight by Durga Shakti Nagpal with kind permission from the publishers Rupa Publications India.