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Tapsee, Aahana, Tara's Fun Fashion!

March 16, 2023 09:29 IST

Playing dress-up-dress-up begins in our wee years for most of us women, and even men. Wearing your mom's stilettos, lipstick and pearls and tottering about or simpering before the mirror, pretending we are storybook princesses, gypsies, heroines, mythological characters, movie stars, or dacoit queens.

Childhood romps cede space to the very adult challenge of Always Looking Good. Over time the Joy of Dressing becomes both an art and a game one can't resist or ever do without -- being colour coordinated, looking for the cutest earrings, throwing good money down for the right makeup and having the best armour to rule the world.

Style orders us: Be YOURSELF!

Most of us, timidly, meekly, don't venture beyond the norms.

Gals, why stick to the rules when you can wickedly break them because fashion is meant to be a bag of fun? A few of our more feisty celebs champion experimentation in what they wear. Who are they? Let's get behind them

IMAGE: Denim Dream Girl: Start as you mean to go on -- if you begin with denims, end on the same note.
Looks like Aahana Kumra is wearing her jean shorts as a dangerously low-cut bustier and she and her curves do great.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Aahana Kumra/Instagram


IMAGE: Only Superman is permitted to wear his underwear outside his clothes.
Tara Sutaria ain't listening.
Nor does she think boxers are only for men.
It's not for nothing that attraversiamo or 'let's cross over' is the strapline on her Insta account.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Tara Sutaria/Instagram


IMAGE: Sari. Dhoti. Veshti. Ki farak painda? Why not do them all?
When Masaba Gupta couldn't make up her mind between wearing a sari and a dhoti, being a designer, she settles for both and looks like a mango dolly.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Masaba Gupta/Instagram


IMAGE: Ikea meets Victoria Secret: Sayani Gupta fares well in a pin-stripes bedsheet (erm sari) enswathing racy lingerie.
We don't know the logic, but being different is what we are all seeking, so three cheers for her alt-sari-dressing.
Baar Baar Dekho!
Photograph: Kind courtesy Sayani Gupta/Instagram


IMAGE: Always Haseen Dillruba Taapsee Pannu. Even in the fashion department.
She replaces the pleats of a sari with pants and throws in a black ganji and black rugged boots for an added edge and could become the Indian Bond girl.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Taapsee Pannu/Instagram


IMAGE: Hey Senorita, Har Pal Tumne Hai Dil Jeeta!
Vidya Balan makes the petticoat the whole mood when she flashes flamenco-style skirts underneath her sari.
Ole, Ole!
Just find a hand fan, Vidya, one of those lacy black abanicos.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Vidya Balan/Instagram


IMAGE: A deconstructed blazer with ripped panels and loose trousers, topped off with pretty, super-long Rapunzel hair worn loose.
Doesn't Rhea Kapoor look badass, folks?
Photograph: Kind courtesy Rhea Kapoor/Instagram