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Swara Bhasker's TOP Tips to live in a Post-COVID World

August 03, 2020 12:55 IST

Coronavirus has made sure that life, as we knew it, will change forever.

The Post-COVID world is entirely different and holds new challenges for us.

Actor Swara Bhasker gives us 10 pointers that would perhaps help us deal with the crisis better.


1. Treasure your near and dear ones. Spend time with them. Cherish them. Strengthen your support network.

2. Make an effort to be kinder than you feel like being.

3. Resolve fights. Even when you are ending something, avoid being spiteful.

4. Keep yourself informed and follow guidelines issued by the authorities.

5. Be careful with your finances and avoid needless debt. Start saving!

6. Always keep extra toilet supplies and self care supplies at home.

7. Invest in a razor, a tweezer, a pair of scissors -- whatever your gender is.

8. If there's something you really want to do, do it NOW! Don't keep waiting for the right time, because you never know how life and the world will change.

9. Find joy and fulfillment in the small everyday things.

10. Adopt a pet. They bring joy and teach us to love!