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STYLE in Abundance

October 20, 2021 15:34 IST

Did Cocccon Prakash's FDCI x Lakme Fashion Week collection inspired by wondrous tribal life in Jharkhand find a connect with you?

Please click on the images below for a better look at the outfits.

IMAGE: The Abundance Paradise collection featured luxury nightwear, work from home outfits, street styles, formal suits and avant-garde dresses, scarves and saris.
All photographs: Kind courtesy Lakme Fashion Week/Instagram


IMAGE: A model showcases an ensemble in green paired with white boots.


IMAGE: Cultivated in Jharkhand, fair trade and organic peace silk was at the centre of the collection, where sericulture allows silkworms to complete their full life cycle and grow into beautiful butterflies.


IMAGE: A multi-tone sari paired with a brown corset.


IMAGE: The patterns used zero waste technique.


IMAGE: The waste from the side cuts was used to create interesting surface ornamentation.


IMAGE: An experimental look.



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