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Stocks you must buy, hold or exit in the New Year

December 26, 2019 09:58 IST

Ajit Mishra, Vice President, Research, Religare Broking, answers readers's queries on stocks they own or want to buy.

Here are his replies to some of the 'buy, sell, hold or avoid?' e-mails that we have received. 


If you want his advice on your investments, please mail your questions to with the subject line, 'Stock Market Query', along with your name, and Ajit Mishra will offer his unbiased views.

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Pankaj Kasture: Dear Sir, I have the following scrips in my equity portfolio. Kindly suggest what should be the strategy for these scripts in the near future? Shall I hold or sell?

Ajit Mishra:

1. Banco Products (India) Ltd - Purchased at the rate of Rs 225/- in Aug 2017 - Turnaround will take time, Exit.

2. Minda Corporation Limited - Purchased at the rate of Rs 111/- in Oct 2016 - Hold

3. Visaka Industries Limited - Purchased at the rate of Rs 127/- in Jan 2015 - Exit

4. GHCL Limited - Purchased at the rate of Rs 270/- in March 2017 - Hold

B.V.Ramakrishna: Dear Sir, please advice about Veer energy and infrastructure ltd share price. I have bought it at a price of 21.00 but now it is around 9.00. Please suggest whether i have to sell or wait for some time?

Ajit Mishra: Exit the stock

Abhijit Mathkari: I am holding 2000 Educomp stock at Rs 15. Can I still hold or what should be the best strategy?

Ajit Mishra: Exit

Dinesh Guttal: I would like to invest Rs 1 lakh in the stock market. Will you please suggest few names (1-3 years’ time horizon)?

Ajit Mishra: You can start with investing in stable counters such as Dabur India, Gujarat Gas, Voltas, Havells India, Axis Bank, Indian oil, etc.

Jayaram Sivaram: I hold the following shares in demat form. Please advice whether I should hold or exit.

Ajit Mishra:

Prashant Agarwal: Is it safe to buy NALCO and Firstsource Solutions at current levels?

Ajit Mishra: One can consider investing in Nalco. Avoid Firstsource.

Rajneesh Anand: I am having shares of Sundram Fasteners for the past 2 years almost. I am in loss currently. Shall I hold or sell this stock? Also, in which stocks I should invest in this month?

Ajit Mishra: Hold the stock for long-term. You can invest in stocks like Inox Leisure, Bajaj Auto, Havells India, Voltas , Britannia , Dabur for long-term.

Ajay Singh Prihar: Can you advise me what to do in Allahabad Bank? My purchase is Rs. 32 / - and the stock is 5000 shares. In addition, Indian Bank also advised purchase is Rs. 176/- and has 750 shares of stock.

Ajit Mishra: Exit both the stocks.

Goutam Pincha: I am holding the following shares. Please give your expert opinion:

1. Shivam Auto
2. Finotech Chemicals
3. Hilton Metal

Ajit Mishra: You may exit all three stocks as fundamentals are weak and turnaround may take time.

Hemant Bathia: I hold shares of HSCL (Himadri Speciality chemicals) and TV18BR. What is your outlook for these? Do you see any recoveries in the price in a year or so?

What makes HSCL so down from highs in spite of constant sales & revenues and constant margins? Moreover when they are expecting increase in production capacity from new plants in FY21. Please share your views on TV18BR too.

Ajit Mishra: You may hold HSCL as there are chances of turnaround in the stock. TV 18 – Exit on an up-move.

Narendra Macha: List of stocks I own:

Ajit Mishra:

Yogendrasing Parmar: I am holding following shares for a long time. Please advise whether to hold or sell them?

Ajit Mishra:

1) Bank of Baroda 300 @97 -- Hold, average at current levels
2) Yes Bank 500 @68 -- Exit on an upmove
3) Bombay Dyeing 800 @ 72.5 - Exit
4) Time Technoplast 600 @65 - Exit
5) CPSE ETF- 1000 @25 -- We do not comment on ETF

Suchit Shinde: Kindly help me with shares below. Please tell which to hold, sell and buy. As loss is huge kindly suggest which to buy also.

Ajit Mishra:

Ashish Seth: I am having following stocks: ITC, HDFC Bank, PVR, Reliance Industries, L&T, Wipro, TCS, Infosys, Godrej Consumers, HUL, and IOC. What should I do with these stocks, and I want to buy IGL, and IPCA please advise? I have Thermax @ 1084. I can hold for some time. Please advice should I exit, sell or hold?

Ajit Mishra: All the above mentioned stocks are good from long-term perspective and therefore you can continue to hold them.

IGL and IPCA too are good stocks and can be bought on correction. Thermax may take time to deliver as private capex has reduced due to economic slowdown. However, it’s a good stock to hold for 3-5 years.

Prof AP Jain: I have the following shares with me. Please advise. All these shares are in physical form. In case those which are to be retained, how they can be converted into demat?
Those which are not to be retained how can those be sold?

Ajit Mishra: For converting the shares into demat, you have to open a demat account with any of the known brokers. Most of these companies have been delisted from exchanges. You will have to contact the company/company secretary in order to dispose of your shares.

Asif: I have Sun TV@484 & Fedaral Bank@90. Can I hold?

Ajit Mishra: Exit Sun TV and Hold Federal bank for 1-2 years.

Mani: Read your article and your advice on the Internet and very impressed by your analysis. Could you please tell me about these stocks which I am currently holding?

Ajit Mishra:

A Anand: I am holding shares of Sterling & Wilson Solar ltd. after getting allotment in its IPO. What to do now, as the price has fallen too steeply?

Ajit Mishra: The stock has underperformed as it is heavily leveraged and there has been credit rating downgrade for the firm recently. We advise to exit the stock.

K.G.Varadarajan: I am holding 100 shares of Essar Oil. Recently I came to know that it is delisted. Kindly guide me how to sell or exit from this stock.

Ajit Mishra: If the stock is delisted, you have to contact the company/company secretary in order to surrender your shares. Generally, there is also a communication from the company asking you to surrender your shares.

Vikas Deshmukh: I am holding following shares. Please let me know your advice from long term perspective. I am long term investor.

Ajit Mishra:

1. ONGC bought @ 175, 500 shares -- Hold for long term
2. Navneet education @ 135, 1000 shares -- Exit on rise
3. SPIC: 6000 shares @ 29 - Exit

Ajit Lele: I have fairly large demat holding of shares in Yes Bank and I use Yes Securities for trading. Should I continue to use Yes Bank / Yes Securities or transfer Yes Bank demat shares to my demat account in another bank, which I also use regularly?

Ajit Mishra: We cannot comment on our competitors (Yes Securities). Generally, before selecting a broker one should look at brokerage fees, ease of trading and margin funding; etc.

Mir Zulfequar Ali: Hi need your advice on following shares. By mistake I took 750 shares instead of 150. Realised it after market closed. And few others if any expected to rise before 31st December.

Ajit Mishra:

Virendra Kumar Sharma: I came across your views on various shares in some forwarded message on WhatsApp. I will appreciate your views on following shares (which are quoting much below their purchase value)

Ajit Mishra:

1. KNR Construction -- Hold for 2-3 years

2. Thirumalai chemical - Exit

3. manthan alloy - Exit

4. Cesc -- Hold for long term

5. Tata Elxsi -- Hold for long term

6. Bhagyanagar - Exit

7. Datamatics - Exit

Lakshmipathi MSV: Kindly advise me on the following stocks. Kindly suggest alternative stocks where ever sell is recommended.

Ajit Mishra:

Alternatively, you can invest in stocks like L&T, HDFC Bank,Dabur India, Biocon, Cipla, Reliance Nippon.

Pradeep Kumar Kala: I wish to know that in intraday trading there are chances of losing heavily also if movement of stock is not as per one's expectations. Considering this I wish to go for selling/ buying shares where I can square off my deals in a month's time. How can I do it? Is there any education/ course available where I can get all nuances of such trades like weekly expiry/ monthly expiry/ precautions etc.


Ajit Mishra: I would suggest you try your hands in positional trading first and then gradually move to the intraday trading. For education purpose, there’re multiple free tools and material available online. You may visit our portal as well where you will get our newsletters related to weekly expiry, monthly expiry, etc.

Rajendra: I am holding Arvind Fashion Limited (AFL), 500 stocks since last one year and monitoring it, shows continued decline in share price. Please advise if at CMP 834 can I exit or hold it for long term.

Ajit Mishra: Exit at least 50% of the holding as turnaround is likely to take time.

Mukund Salunke: Please tell me about the following holdings. Dhampur sugar-170 at 173; Gujrat Pipavav 100 at 89; NCC 260 at 50; and BF utilities 163 at 163; LT 40 at 1400 and LTTS 40, LTI 40 and TCS 200. 

Ajit Mishra: Hold NCC, LT, LTTS, LTI and TCS

Tarun Pahuja: I have 100 shares of Sundaram Brake@ Rs 258. Please advice.

Ajit Mishra: The turnaround may take time due to sectoral slowdown. You may exit.

Ashim Das: Recently I have bought 10000 Cox & Kings shares @ Rs 1.75 per share. Kindly suggest whether I should hold for future. Also guide how the future prospect for this shares. 

Ajit Mishra: Exit as the stock has corporate governance issues and poor fundamentals.

Chandan Singh: I have MOTHERSUMI & UJJIVANSFB shares. Shall I hold these? Can you please suggest which shares I should buy? I don't want to invest large amount. 

Ajit Mishra: You may continue to hold both the stocks. You can invest in stocks like Gujarat gas, Bajaj Auto, Inox Leisure, Havells India; etc.

Neeraj Singh: I have below stocks. Please provide me your advice on these stocks. What will be return if I hold them for next 4 years? 

Ajit Mishra:

SCS NEGI: I have following shares. At what price shall I make exit in some of the above stocks?

Ajit Mishra: We cannot give you the target price of all the stocks but once we recommend to hold they have the potential to give you 15-20% returns p.a.

Yatin Badani: Kindly advise whether to hold/sell/buy/

Ajit Mishra:

Rahul: I have the following shares and need your advice on the following:

1. Mindtree 25 shares@830 - cmp - 750. Didn't give in the buyback program for 980. Probably made a mistake there. Looking to exit with profits but stock not rising after L&T acquisition. What is the outlook for 1 year? What should I do with this stock?

Ajit Mishra: The stock shall provide healthy returns in 1-2 years if your view is long-term. Hence, you may continue to hold and exit on an upmove.

2. National peroxide 15 shares@2500 - cmp 1500, Should I hold/average/sell? - Sell

3. PNB 200 shares @75 - cmp 60. Should I hold/average/sell? - Sell

4. DMART 5 shares@1300. Can I add at cmp of 1800? -- Hold and average on declines.

5. Can I buy the following at cmp: SBI, TCS, ICICI bank, HDFC bank, Maruti, HDFC AMC? --

You can Buy Maruti at current levels and the rest on dips.

Palinichamy P: I have purchased UJJIVAN SMALL FINANCE BANK SHARES 3200 @ 62 per-share for. Should I hold it or can retain? Please help.

Ajit Mishra: You may continue to hold the shares.

Mohit Khatri: I have these shares. Shall I hold or exit?

Ajit Mishra:

Jagdish Chander Nain: I'm an Ex-Serviceman and greedy fool. I invested Rs. 20 Lakh in Anil Ambani's Reliance Home Finance Ltd. @ Rs. 114/- on 25.09.2017. The share price has fallen to Rs. 2.75. Any hope, if I continue holding for next two years even? 

Ajit Mishra: Exit the stock as it may continue to underperform.

Panna Ved: I hold shares of following company's. Please advice whether should I hold or exit from these shares. 

Ajit Mishra:

1. Aster dm healthcare 50 share -- Hold

2. J.K. TYRE 25 shares - Exit on an up-move

3. Hind Copper 30 shares - Hold

JP Singh: I am holding Himandri specialty chemicals @ 118; tata motors @ 249 and L&T finance holdings @149. What to do?

Ajit Mishra: You may hold Himandri and L&T finance holdings. Exit Tata Motors.

Varinder Dudeja: Having 1500 shares of tata powers. Hold or exit?

Ajit Mishra: Exit on an up-move as the stock may underperform.

Arvind Kaushik: I am having Sintex Industries shares bought @ 25 to 30 rupees. My average bought price is around 22 and shares quantity is around 3000. I do not want to book loss and can wait. Please suggest your unbiased suggestion.

Ajit Mishra: Book losses as the chances of turnaround in the stocks are very slim.

Mandar Deshpande: I am holding Yes Bank 1000 shares@ 69.43. What is the time of exit in near day?

Ajit Mishra: Exit the stock if your investment horizon is of less than 2 years.

Donti Chandramouli: Sir, I am holding a large quantity of shares of BIOCON from 2004-05. What is your advice sir? 

Ajit Mishra: Continue to hold the stock as it’s likely to give healthy returns.

Milind Ghag: I have below stocks and would like to know future outlook of these stocks. Can I hold these stocks for next 1-2 year period?

Ajit Mishra:

Vinay Kembhavi: I hold quite a few shares in my portfolio, especially, 6200 L&T shares apart from Bajaj Finance, Maruti, Ujjivan Financial services, Whirlpool, D mart, Reliance, TCS etc. Would you review my portfolio and advise suitable actions? I am an Investor. Awaiting your response.

Ajit Mishra: All the stocks in your portfolio are fundamentally strong stocks. If your investment horizon is more than 2 years, you may continue to hold the stocks. Else, you can book partial profits in stocks like Ujjivan financial services, Whirlpool, TCS, etc.

Pratik: I am holding few shares of Blue dart, Lakshmi machine works, Larson & Toubro Technology services. Kindly advise what to do next with them. Please suggest stock from bse 500 index for long term perspective to buy or any few multibagger stocks if you like to suggest.

Ajit Mishra: Blue dart and Lakshmi machine will take time to deliver returns. You may hold LTTS. You can buy stocks like Cummins India, Gujarat Gas, Subros, IFB industries, Marico, etc.

Pravallika: Would you suggest hold or exit on aurobindo pharma 830 shares@453 price?

Ajit Mishra: Hold the stock and exit on an up-move.

Tapash K. Saha: Kindly suggest whether I can hold, sell/buy for average or switch over to other stocks from the following stock holdings:

Ajit Mishra:

1) IOC-120 qty - Hold

2) ITC -50 qty -- Hold

3) Godrej Consumer -17 qty -- Hold

4) Bajaj Consumer - 50 qty -- Exit

5) Colpol- 4 qty - Hold

6) HUL - 2 qty -- Hold

7) Emami -50 qty -- Hold

8) Federal Bank -110 qty -- Hold

9) IDFC First Bank -110 qty -- Hold

10) HDFC Bank- 112 qty -- Hold

11) HDFC life- 5 qty -- Book profits

12) Ashoka leyland -33 qty -- Hold

13) Motherson sumi- 33 qty -- Hold and exit on rise

14) Gail 71- qty - Hold

15) NTPC -56 qty - Exit

16) HCLtech -12 qty - Hold

17) LT-8 qty -- Hold

18) NALCO -270 qty - Hold

19) TCS -5 qty -- Hold

20) Wipro -51 qty -- Hold

21) Infosys -41 qty -- Hold

22) Titan- 6 qty -- Hold

Amarnath: Please review my stocks:

Ajit Mishra:

Divya Harwani: I am holding following shares. Please give your expert opinion: Yes Bank @62 and Vodafone Idea @7.30

Ajit Mishra: Exit both the stocks. Yes Bank will take time to turnaround and hence wait only if you can hold for 2-3 years. Vodafone Idea is facing a downturn and hence better to book losses.

K R J Srikanth: I own these shares. Can you suggest what to hold and exit?

Ajit Mishra:

Poorna Chandran: I hold reliance infra @40 rs; idea @5.7 rs and Yes Bank @71. Really confused about these stocks. Should I hold sell wait?

Ajit Mishra: Exit idea and Reliance Infra stocks. Yes Bank will take time to turnaround and hence wait only if you can hold for 2-3 years.

Pinkesh: I am currently holding permanent magnet 500 shares @ 90. What are your views should hold or exit and also please suggest some lower rates shares for long term investment?

Ajit Mishra: The stock has lower volumes and only trades on BSE. We suggest you shift to some other stocks like Subros, Gujarat Gas, IOC, Crompton greaves consumer.

SRINIVAS: I have following stocks. Which stocks should be average or hold & exit? Please give your suggestions. I need your valuable guidance for me. 

Ajit Mishra:

Healthi fy: I have adani green 300@99; Adani enterprises 40@204; Ujjivan small finance bank 500@62. What should I do with these stocks?

Ajit Mishra: Exit Adani enterprises. You can hold or book partial profits in adani green, hold Ujjivan.

Ravi: Please give me your valuable advice on the following stocks whether to hold or sell.

Ajit Mishra:

1. Bharat Electronics (BEL) bought @Rs.112 - Exit

2. Balmer Lawrie brought @ Rs.196 -- Hold the stock as the company is issuing bonus shares. Exit on an up-move.

Sourabh Jain: I have 500 share of canara bank @210 rs now cmp around 227. What I do I hold or exit in my opinion this stock can be move 250 in near term? 

Ajit Mishra: Exit on rise

Ved parkash: Kindly advise me on the following queries:

1. Out of HDFC and HDFC bank, which share is more attractive to hold for long-term? Both have different business lines and are good for long-term.

2. Which are 2-3 shares, which are best in the price range of about Rs.1500 for long-term? L&T, Coromandel International, Bajaj Auto, IFB Industries; etc.

I have 60 shares of RIL; 50 shares of ICICI bank and 25 shares of HDFC. -- You may continue to hold the shares for long-term.

Ajit Mishra: Though, easing tensions between US & China along with Boris Johnson’s win in Britain could be seen as positive factor in near term that could keep a lid on prices on higher side. However, things are not likely to settle in a hurry as there is no clarity on trade deal terms and documentation.

With upcoming US elections, volatility would remain high. Also, Brexit is still on its way and even after it gets over, new trade deal between EU and Britain would grab attention. With economic & geopolitical concerns, rupee weakness and political uncertainty, gold is likely to be favourable bet as safe haven asset.

Ramadas: I am having 6725 shares of UBI @67. Can I hold next five years? What price can I enter in Trident? This also for 10 years I will wait.

Ajit Mishra: You may sell UBI partially as turnaround will take time. Avoid Trident.

Shiv Shankar: I am holding some shares. Request you to advise which share to hold for profit & which share I should exit & which share I must add on to lower the effective price.

Ajit Mishra:

1. Central bank of India (15000) @ 25 - Exit

2. Dewan Housing (5000) @ 24.5 - Exit

3. Dish TV India Ltd (10000 on E margin) @ 14.1 - Exit

4. kajaria Ceramics (110) @ 541 -- Hold

5. ONGC (2600 on E margin) @ 129 - Hold

6. Reliance Capital Ltd (3600) @ 13 - Exit

7. Reliance Power Ltd (2000) @ 3.3 -- Exit

8. Voda Idea Ltd (2000) @ 7.1 -- Exit

9. Yes Bank Ltd (2400) @ 49 -- Exit on rise

Nandagopal G: Kindly give your opinion on my holdings: 

Ajit Mishra:

Karl Guzdar: Currently i am holding below stocks in my portfolio. Kindly advise if should hold or exit. And also could you advise any good stocks for long term appreciation. In case I need to average the above, please suggest which should be done & exit and add some other quality stocks for long term.

Ajit Mishra:

Vijay Waghela: I need your help. Kindly advice what to do with the following stocks.

1. Yes Bank 10090@55 -- Exit on rise

2. Graphite 500@ 365 -- Exit

3. Wockhardt 200@413 -- Exit

4. Indiabulls real estate 1000@118 -- Exit

5. Jay Bharat Maruti 210@284-- Exit

Jitendra Pal: Kindly advice about these shares. 

I have yes bank 350 @ 63. what to do currently yes bank is doing on 45? Or should I hold for long time where I can expect to reach by 150 mark? 

Ajit Mishra: You will have to hold for 3-4 years as things are still uncertain w.r.t. fund raising and improvement in financial performance could take time.

Asha Mohan: I am holding 15 shares of CSB at 302.75. Kindly suggest what to do?

Ajit Mishra: Wait for couple of quarters for results then take a call. It’s a good long-term bet though.

Satyam: I have bought the following shares 1-3 years back. I am a long term investor please advise whether to hold or sell them?

Ajit Mishra:

1) Everest Industries Limited - 2000@350 -- Exit

2) Hindustan Aeronautics Limited - 100@625 -- Exit

3) Laurus Labs Limited - 500@350 -- Exit

4) Mishra Dhatu Nigam Limited - 500@165 -- Exit on rise

5) Shankara Building Products Limited - 100@2000 -- Exit

Deepak Jadhav: Please advise about shares I can buy now, for very long period (up to 10 years). Also a good SIP aiming at my 5 years old son’s education.

Ajit Mishra: You can do SIP in stocks like ICICI Bank, Reliance Nippon, Havells India, Mahindra and Mahindra, Britannia, Reliance Industries; etc.


Viswanatha: I have YES BANK shares. Please advise me to whether to hold or exit. 

Ajit Mishra: You have not mentioned your buy price. We feel turnaround in the stock could take time and so one must hold for 2-3 years/ or else exit on rise.

Amar: I have below shares from past 1 year, am long term investor waiting to get profit from my portfolio, let me know your thoughts to hold/exit.

Ajit Mishra:

Surender Kumar: Kindly advise prospects of tv18 broadcast shares. Bought at Rs 30 and holding since 6-8 months. Kindly advise outlook for 6-12 months period from now. Understand Sony is interested in buying a stake in network 18.

Ajit Mishra: The stock has underperformed since two years. Although stake acquisition by Sony can be a trigger. We recommend to exit on rise.

Balsubramaniyan Venkatraman: I hold the following shares. Please advise me:

Ajit Mishra:

Sunil Kumar: I own these shares. Your advice please

Ajit Mishra:

Tapash K. Saha: I am holding following shares since long. I am an investor of both types long as well as short term. I would request you to provide me your expert advise whether to hold or sell. Also suggest if possible which share I should buy in case of sale of any following shares.

Ajit Mishra:

1.Amarjothy spinning 152/- Exit
2. Bhansali Engineering 88/- Exit
3. Deepak fertilizer 218/- Hold
4. Delta Magnates 65/-
5. Emmbi Ind. 202/-
6. Kirloskar ferro 88/-
7. MRPL 135/-
8. Navbharat Venture 122/-
9. Pressman advertise 67/-
10. Aban Offshore 670/-
11. Future Market 62/-
12. Indiabulls Integrate 375/-
13. Indraprashtha Medi 59/-
14. SML Isuzu 1173/-
15. Zenotech Lab 52/-
16. HBL Power 48/-
17. IFCI 36/-
18. Markson Pharma 77/-
19. Lakshmivilas Bank 88/-
20. Burnpur cement 12/-
21. Integra Engineering 50/-

Except Deepak Fertlizer and SML Isuzu, exit all the stocks. You can buy other mid and small caps like Gujarat Gas, Voltas, Havells India, Subros, IFB industries.

Anonymous: Kindly suggest whether I can hold, sell/buy for average or switch over to other stocks from the following stock holdings:

Ajit Mishra:

1) IOC-120 qty -- Hold

2) ITC -50 qty -- Hold

3) Godrej Consumer -17 qty-- Hold

4) Bajaj Consumer - 50 qty-- Exit

5) Colpol- 4 qty -- Hold

6) HUL - 2 qty-- Hold

7) Emami -50 qty

8) Federal Bank -110 qty

9) IDFC First Bank -110 qty

10) HDFC Bank- 112 qty

11) HDFC life- 5 qty

12) Ashoka leyland -33 qty

13) Motherson sumi- 33 qty

14) Gail 71- qty

15) NTPC -56 qty

16) HCLtech -12 qty

17) LT-8 qty

18) NALCO -270 qty

19) TCS -5 qty

20) Wipro -51 qty

21) Infosys -41 qty

22) Titan- 6 qty

Prasad Nikam: I am holding 2000 share of Religare Enterprise limited @ 57 from last 21 months please guide me should i hold it or sell it.

Ajit Mishra: We cannot comment on our group stock.

S. Viswanathan: I had purchased Reliance Power share @ Rs.300 earlier but its price in the market now is ONLY Rs.3.50. Even if I exit now I will lose heavily. Kindly advise what to do with this share now. I am also holding Shreyas Shipping & Logistics share which was purchased @ Rs.370 and it price in the market now is around Rs.75 only. Please advise me what to do.

Ajit Mishra: Exit both the stocks as chances of turnaround are very slim.

Ajay Kulkarni: I bought PC Jewllers at Rs.42/- recently. Please offer your advice.

Ajit Mishra: Exit as the firm is facing corporate governance issues.

S S RAO NAMANA: I feel very good to seek your advice on our following stocks held by my family members. Please suggest whether to hold or exit. out of these whcih can be held for 2 to 3 years to derive benefits.

1. Aditya Birla Capital.

2. Avanti Feeds.

3. Engineer India.

4. FIEM.

5. GM Brewaries.

6. Himadri Specialty Chemicals.

7. ICICI Bank.
8. ICICI Bank Prudential Life.

9. Febderal Bank.

10 . Punjab National Bank.

11. SBI.

12. SBI Life Insurance.

13. South Indian Bank.

14. Manpasand Brewries.

15. NHPC.

16. SJVN.

17 RIL.

18. RVNL.

19. Dilip Buildcon.

20. DHFL.

Can we buy IRCTC & Ujjivan Small Finance Bank lt at the CMP.- Buy both these stocks on correction.

Ajit Mishra: Out of these stocks, you can exit Dilip Buildcon, DHFL, NHPC, Manpasand Brewries, South Indian Bank, Punjab National Bank, GM Brewaries, Engineer India and Aditya Birla Capital.

Madhu Nair: I am hold 350 shares of Castrol. Should i hold it or sell? Also should i add more shares as the prices are low now?

Ajit Mishra: Exit the stock on every rise.

Nitin Gandhi: I am holding shares of CDSL @ 370 kindly give me your view on this scrip.

Ajit Mishra: CDSL performance has been decent over past quarters. You can continue to hold the stock for long term; also you can average the stock at current levels.

Sai Kiran: I have bought HDFC AMC shares at 3750, should I hold or exit. Please advise.

Ajit Mishra: HDFC AMC is fundamentally sound and stable stock, hence you can continue to hold it for long term.

Disclaimer: This article is meant for information purpose only. This article and information do not constitute a distribution, an endorsement, an investment advice, an offer to buy or sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy or sell any securities/schemes or any other financial products /investment products mentioned in this QnA or an attempt to influence the opinion or behaviour of the investors /recipients.

Any use of the information /any investment and investment related decisions of the investors/recipients are at their sole discretion and risk. Any advice herein is made on a general basis and does not take into account the specific investment objectives of the specific person or group of persons. Opinions expressed herein are subject to change without notice.

Ajit Mishra