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Stocks to exit, sell and hold in the time of coronavirus

April 01, 2020 10:00 IST

'Presently market is falling down due to coronavirus. Shall I invest now or wait? Also please suggest some companies?'

'What should I do as the market is falling daily?'

Ajit Mishra, vice president, Research, Religare Broking answers your queries.

Stock market queries

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Sahil Mittal: I am holding below mentioned stocks. At what time should I exit?

Ajit Mishra:

Dinesh Acharya: Following stocks in my portfolio with -ve returns. Exit, hold any of the above. Is it prudent to sell even if only about 25-45% of the Invested amount maybe salvaged.

Ajit Mishra:

Karthick Karthick: I have yes bank shares, just wanted to know keeping yes bank shares good or its better to sell.

Ajit Mishra: It largely depends upon what is the price of accumulation. If it's near 300, it is unlikely that the share price would touch those levels in the next 1 year or so. However, if one has bought it recently then one can continue to hold. However, any fresh buying should be avoided. 

Vikram: Greetings of the day. I entered stock market later part of last year and invested around 7.4 lakhs over the next few months. 

Ajit Mishra: Focus -- mid to long term investment. I am also regular SIP investor in mutual funds. So, stock market investment is quite new in my portfolio. Some of the stocks have done well, but most of them have crashed in the recent weeks. Would you be able to provide your opinion o`n the following -- buy, sell or hold. Looking forward to your opinion on this. 

Amish: YESBank (bought at avg process of 54. And now it is 17. Sell or any future chances of revival?). What about the rest?

Ajit Mishra: The new promoter and additional funds are positive. Therefore, hold the stock and allocate only minimal portion of your equity portfolio

Abhijeet K: What should I do as the market is falling daily. I have holdings of:

Ajit Mishra: 

1. Permanent Magnet Share Avg buy price @102.91 -- Exit

2. Ashok Leyland share Avg. buy price @ 83.10 -- Hold for 2-3 year, can average 25-30% as well. 

Dr Anjani Kumar Shukla: I have purchased following stocks which are showing great loss. Details are as under. Please advice what to do?

Ajit Mishra: 

1. Karnataka Bank Ltd@80/per share -- 500 shares -- Exit

2. Future Consumer Ltd@ 46/ per share- 100 shares -- Exit

3. Hathaway cable & Datacom Ltd@ 70/ per share -- 500 shares -- Exit

4. L & T Financial @ 53/ per share- 500 shares  -- Hold for 2-3 years

Radhika Agrawal: I have 1400 shares of YESBANK and my buying was Rs38. Please advice on what should I do with the shares? Should I hold it or sell it off at market price? 

Ajit Mishra: The new promoter and additional funds are positive. Therefore, hold the stock and allocate only minimal portion of your equity portfolio

Shivraj  Munavalli: Presently market is falling down due to coronavirus, shall i invest now or wait? Also please suggest some companies.

Ajit Mishra: If you are a long term investor (2-3 years), this is a good opportunity to invest into some of the bluechip companies like Reliance Industries, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, Britannia Industries, Maruti Suzuki and Dabur. Given the current volatility, invest in a staggered manner in the above stocks.

K. MAHESH KUMAR: I have bought below shares as long term investment and suggest me whether I can hold these shares or sell it?

Ajit Mishra: 

sreekumarpillai: What are the 10 stocks to invest in or do averaging based on the current market situation? Also, please advise good dividend yield stocks for a senior person approaching retirement.

Ajit Mishra: 10 stocks for investment -- Reliance Industries, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, Dabur, Britannia Industries, Maruti Suzuki, HDFC Life Insurance, ICICI Lombard, Voltas, and Havells.

For dividend yield stocks go for Vedanta, ONGC, HPCL, Power Grid, and NHPC. 

QA SANPRAS: I am a moderate risk taker. Should I get ITC stock?

Ajit Mishra:  ITC  has sound fundamentals, however instead of focusing on one stock in the FMCG space, we would recommend to allocate money into other stocks as well like Dabur, Britannia Industries, Godrej Consumer products. 

Rakesh Kumar Agarwal: I have invested about 75000 in Hindustan Zinc, National Aluminium and Hindalco and all these stock are nearly 35% down from my purchase price!!!I am not a trader. Please advise.

Ajit Mishra: The correction is mainly on account of sharp correction in their respective commodity prices. All three stocks have decent fundamentals, however the sector itself in which they operate are highly cyclical. Therefore, if one has the risk appetite for the swings then hold for 2-3 years (can average 30% also) or else exit.

Rajneesh Bankura: Please advise. My portfolio is given below.

Ajit Mishra: 

1. Dilip Buildcon Ltd: 1115 shares @412 (this is showing maximum loss as on date. Shall i hold in short term or sell? Any scope of recovery?) -- Sell

2. HDFC Bank: 215 shares @1249 -- Hold, can average as well

3. Pidilite Industries: 25 shares @1565 Hold

4. Jindal Steel and Power: 210 shares @199 Exit

5. Gail India: 110 shares @126 Hold

6. JSW Energy: 400 shares @65 Exit

7. Balkrishna Industries: 15 shares @1148 Hold for 2-3 years

8. Bharti Airtel: 100 shares @565 Hold

jagdishmanhas: Am holding 2361 J&K Bank shares @ 41.5. Kindly advise whether i hold, buy or sell this share since it's trading below 20 today.

Ajit Mishra: Sell.

Maitrey: I am holding 20000 shares of National fertilizers @ 35. And 50000 shares of kesar petro products @ 8.Kindly advise if should hold or sell? Thank you.

Ajit Mishra: Exit both these stocks.

D M Desai: I would like some advice on:

Ajit Mishra: Kiri Industries (Dye&Pigment) Kindly lead me some about information on fundamentals and on investment idea.

The company's financial performance has not been encouraging, therefore its better to exit the stock. 

APURVA BHUPENDRA SHAH:Please suggest for below mentioned share for long term hold or exit? 

Shamsur Rahman: Kindly tell me about Lanco infra LITL. I have 1 lakh shares. What should i do? What about Jaypee Infratech and Jaiprakash Associates. Should i hold or buy or sell?

Ajit Mishra: The fundamentals are not good for the companies mentioned,  therefore its better to exit all three. 

Jay Deshpande: I have following holding, kindly advise should I continue to Hold or Exit. Also suggest some good stocks with 3 to 5 years horizon. I have plans to invest about 25,000/month going forward. Sir, kindly guide me as I want to build a good portfolio for my retirement in next 10 years, my current age is 41 years.

Ajit Mishra: 

  1. BOB holding 115 shares @ Rs.164.85 -- Hold
  2. Bharat 22 ETF holding 417 shares @ Rs.35.97 Hold
  3. Cipla holding 30 shares @ Rs.570.29 -- Hold
  4. GMR Infra holding 100 shares @ Rs.26.84 -- Exit
  5. HDFC Life Insurance holding 50 shares @ Rs.443.37 -- Hold
  6. IOCL holding 70 shares @ Rs.188.40 -- Hold
  7. ICICI Securities holding 66 shares @ Rs.497.31 -- Hold for atleast 2-3 years
  8. Infosys holding 15 shares @ Rs.652.24 -- Hold
  9. Ircon International holding 30 shares @ Rs.475 -- Hold
  10. LIC HFL holding 50 shares @ Rs.503.12 -- Hold
  11. L&T holding 25 shares @ Rs.1301.06 -- Hold
  12. ONGC holding 70 shares @ Rs.207.20 -- Exit
  13. Sterlite Tech holding 35 shares @ Rs.329.56 -- Exit
  14. Tata Motors holding 50 shares @ Rs.274.64 -- Hold for 3-4 years
  15. Wipro holding 33 shares @ RS.208.44 -- Hold
  16. Yes Bank holding 100 @ Rs.197.78 -- Hold, don't average
  17. Zee Entertainment holding 60 shares @ Rs.277.45 -- Exit

Some of the good stocks one can include are HDFC Bank, ICICI bank, Britannia Industries, Dabur, Reliance Industries, and Maruti Suzuki

Yogini Vora: I am holding following shares in my portfolio. Kindly advise whether to hold or sell them? Expecting your favourable response at the earliest.

Ajit Mishra: 


Ajit Mishra: 

Gaurav kumar Pal: I will be really grateful if you can advise me on my portfolio. I have been holding this for a long time. Request your suggestions on my portfolio. Please advise for next 3 year to 5 year.

Ajit Mishra: 

sharathkumar: I have HPCL 1200 qty @ 264 what should i do & how is the future of this company? Also I have SCI 500 @ 64 and Madras Fertilizer 1000 @ 30

Ajit Mishra: One can hold HPCL for long term, however both the other stocks should be exited

Parimal Shah:I am holding the below mentioned various shares from approx last 2 to 7 years. Request to please share your expert opinion for the same.

Sekhar  Mahabhashyam: Request you to adviae me on the shares which I have to hold, buy, sell, avoid or exit. Kindly advise if I need to further accumulate on any of the shares I already have.

Ajit Mishra: 

JIGNESH T RAY: I am holding Tata Motors 2200 @215 and IDFC First Bank 11000@48. What would be your advice for both the stocks whether to sell or buy or hold?

Ajit Mishra: For Tata Motors, if one has 3-4 years view then only hold, or else exit. 

IDFC Bank -- Exit

Rakesh Kumar: We always get benefited from your valuable advice. Please provide your opinion after Q3 result of NOCIL, as I have 1500 shares @ Rs 135 and South Indian Bank 2850 shares @ Rs 20. Please also guide on IRCTC at current level.

Ajit Mishra: The numbers for Nocil in Q3FY20 has been disappointing, however the numbers were expected given the lower demand offtake. In terms of view, the company has decent fundamentals, however given the uncertainty in the business outlook, it is better to avoid at this time. 

Parimal Shah: I am holding the below mentioned various shares from approx last 2 to 7 years. Request to please share your expert opinion for the same.

Ajit Mishra: 

PREKSHA SHAH: I am holding the below mentioned various shares from approx last 1 to 7 years. Request to please share your expert opinion for the same.

Ajit Mishra: 

Yogesh V: Please let me know your opinion on below shares.

Ajit Mishra: 

birendar yadav: I want to make an investment (SIP) for my son age 25 yrs in the following MFs @ Rs 1000 pm in each fund. Request advise

Ajit Mishra: 

1. HDFC Top 100 fund

2. HDFC Hybrid equity fund

3. Mirae asset tax saver fund

4. Axis long term equity fund

5. Axis blue chip fund -- direct

6. SBI magnum multi cap -- direct growth

7. SBI equity hybrid fund -Reg plan growth

All the funds mentioned are decent. We would recommend investing through SIP in 5 of the above funds spread across market caps.  

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Ajit Mishra