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Yay or Nay? RJ Malishka's parody on Mumbai rains

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Last updated on: July 19, 2018 14:49 IST
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RJ Malishka has a message for the BMC! Who's listening?

A still from the video. Courtesy Red FM India/RJ Malishka, Twitter and Instagram @mymalishka

RJ Malishka is back with a parody on Mumbai rains.

This time the radio jockey has based her parody 'Geli Mumbai Khaddyaat' on the popular Marathi song Zingaat

'The monsoons bring these crazy things in the lives of us citizens (romance of course) but also potholes, manholes, tree falls, bridge falls, late trains, traffic jams, did I say potholes??!!' she wrote on Instagram. 

'And who will take responsibility??' the RJ questions.

'Arrrre nobody rrre! (sarcasm) and we have every right to protest in whichever way... and we choose song. Better than hate and violence,' Malishka adds.  

The RJ has been vocal about the issues she faces in Mumbai.  

Her spoof video on Mumbai rains last year 'Mumbai Tula BMC Var Bharosa Nahi Ka' was targeted at the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) for not doing their job. 

This year her 3-minute parody focuses on potholes, falling bridges and the traffic situation in the city.   

'Dil mein dhadd dhadd hoti jab bhi baarish chalu jhaali (my heart pounds the minute it begins to rain), 

'Bas kuch ghanton mein akkha Mumbai paanya khaali aali (and in a few hours Mumbai is submerged in water)', she sings her heart out, highlighting the pathetic conditions of the roads in Mumbai. 

Watch the video here.

Video: Courtesy Red FM India/RJ Malishka,Twitter and Instagram @mymalishka

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