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Why didn't you vote? Tell us your reason

May 15, 2019 09:57 IST

What are your reasons for not casting your ballot?

Photograph: PTI

Roughly, on an average, around 60 per cent of the electorate casts its vote in elections in India.

Or, 40 per cent of the eligible voters choose to not vote.

In absolute terms, that amounts to the population of some nations.


Their reasons for not exercising their franchise, a hard-earned right and duty, could be any of the following.

Not liking any of the candidates in the fray.

Not interested in the election process.

Couldn't be bothered to get out of the house and vote.

A feeling of disconnect with the system.

Or, to use a popular election-time acronym, NOTA. None Of The Above.

Does any of this describe you?

If yes, tell us why the greatest democratic exercise in the world has left you cold.

What are your reasons for not voting?

You can mail your reasons to, with 'Why I Didn’t Vote' in the subject line.

Don't forget to mention your NAME, AGE and WHERE YOU LIVE and send a photograph if possible.

We will publish the best responses right here on

Photograph: PTI Photo.