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5 types of annoying cousins every Indian has

By Vinitha Vijayakumar
March 12, 2016 11:07 IST
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'I love my cousin'-- Do you?

Perhaps, you don't mean it!

Are you from a big Indian family?

Then, you might have a lot of cousins.

And you know that they can be really ANNOYING at times!

Here are few kinds that you have come across.

1. The studious one

Oh no! They are such a pain.

Especially when results are out, they just sit in the corner and cry for losing two marks to a centum while we celebrate the 'life ho to aisi' bindass feeling for just escaping in a borderline.

They always carry a geek look and ask us weird questions like 'Do you know who is the fourth cousin of King Louis XVI' just to start a conversation.

2. Yours obediently

While being mischievous and playful are the traits of childhood, these bunch are truly specimens.

They would not have any records of climbing trees, stealing pickles from a neighbour's kitchen, playing cricket and breaking the neighbour's glass, trying the 'don't try this at home' WWE stunts etc.

Instead, they would be obedient and 'oh-so-good' types sending signals to parents about us.

3. The 'Super Smart'

While our summer days would go playing around, watching movies and mastering the playstation, there would be these super smart cousins who would join a music class or a dance class or 'whatever-you-name-a-class'.

They would show off carrying that guitar (strangely heavier than them!) and give us a DDLJ SRK inspired look or a Varnam Aayiram Surya look.

When we would go 'ear plugs please!' Why on earth would everyone learn guitar! (frowns!)

4. 'I am an NRI'

'They', the most revered NRI relatives would come down on a (Let- us- visit- you- poor- Indians) type trip just to show off. The NRI cousin's mind is just unreadable.

If they give us a chocolate, it would require 10,000 Einsteins and Aristotles to find out what exactly is running in mind.

Their point of view about Indian films, cities, roads, food, etc would be unbearable.

Many a times, souvenirs are alms in disguise! By the way when's your return flight?

5. Annoying unlimited

And there are these, down to earth cousins, who come down visit us and spend their entire time questioning us.

Hey, why have you cut your hair like this? Do you like noodles?

I didn't like Shraddha in Aashiqui 2. She was too shorter for Aditya! 

How many times does your pet poop?

Wish their questions had an expiry date! Sigh!

Lead image used for representational purposes only. Image: Harsha K R/Creative Commons

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