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Is this the world's CUTEST dog?

June 04, 2019 14:26 IST

We asked you to share pics and stories of your furry companions. This is what Pratik from Sydney shared.

IMAGE: Have you met Freddy, the adorable cavoodle who looks like a teddy bear. 

IMAGE: Pratik and Gail from Sydney shared these pics of Freddy, their 'bundle of joy and first baby'. 

IMAGE: According to Pratik, Freddy is a smart dog who amuses people with his tricks. 'He loves being around us and follows us everywhere we go. Hope we can take him to work,' Pratik adds. 

IMAGE: Freddy is a celeb in his own right. He has an Instagram account and his hashtag is @freddycavoodle4u.

We ask you, dear readers to share pics of your pets.

Write in to with 'My Pet Pic' in the subject line and share your responses along with your NAME, AGE and the place where you LIVE.

Don't forget to tell us your pet's name. We will publish the best entries right here on!