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Jab We Met: 'She was the one'

February 18, 2016 11:20 IST

We'd asked you, dear readers to share your love stories with us.

Arindom Chakraborty from Kolkata tells us how he met Antara.

Arindom Chakraborty with his family

It was a Friday evening and it was raining outside.

I, along with my mom, went to see Antara at her place.

It was a 15-minute drive from home.

When she came, she was smiling and looked so natural.

I can't say for sure whether I fell in love with her at that instant but I really enjoyed talking to her.

After an hour, I had no doubts about the fact that she was the one.

We have been married for seven years and have a three-and-half-year-old son.

It has been a roller coaster journey all through but the most important thing is that we rode together.

Our bond has now become stronger, the love has grown much more and now we don't even need to speak out our minds; it's all in the eyes.

Seven years ago most people laughed when I embarked on a mission to find my soul mate through arranged marriage. But I always believed that there is someone waiting somewhere for you and at the right moment she will come to you.

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