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In Pics: How Mumbai celebrated Kartik Purnima

Last updated on: November 13, 2019 15:33 IST

As devotees celebrated Kartik Purnima yesterday, over 1,000 diyas were lit at Banganga in Walkeshwar, Mumbai during the maha aarti. 
Video and photographs by Hitesh Harisinghani/

IMAGE: Young girls dressed in traditional nine yard saris light lamps on the steps of Banganga. 

IMAGE: This year Kartik Poornima, which is also called Deva-Diwali or Deva-Deepawali, was celebrated on November 13.

IMAGE: Picture perfect! Look closer and you'll spot women making a rangoli. 

IMAGE: The maha aarti begins with the recitation of the Vedas.

IMAGE: The steps of Bangana glisten in the dark.  

IMAGE: It is an occasion for the community to bond and women come dressed in their best. 

IMAGE: It is a tradition which has been celebrated for many years now and it always brings back fond memories for the local residents. 

IMAGE: This evening will be remembered for the beautiful display of lights. Don't miss the ducks and swans swimming in the tank, and the floral decoration in the background.