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Have you been trolled online?

June 08, 2016 08:37 IST

It's not just celebrities who are subject to despicable behaviour online. Non-celebs, or aam janta like any of us, are trolled too.

Have you been trolled on social media? Share your story with us!

Trolled online?

A few days ago, National Award-winning actor Priyamani announced her engagement to longtime boyfriend Mustufa Raj on Twitter.

'Happy to announce that Mustufa Raj and I got engaged on Friday the 27th at a close and private function at home!' she'd tweeted.

Within minutes, her timeline was filled with hate-filled and anti-religious messages, with some of the trollers using the term 'love jihad' to describe her decision to marry a Muslim.

'Grow up you people!!!ITS MY LIFE..and I'm NOT answerable to any one apart from my parents and my fiance...,' the actor lashed out.

Priyamani isn't alone. Bipasha Basu was trolled on social media when she posted pictures from her honeymoon.

'Get a life guys who look for negativity in the sweetest of things. Be happy. Live your own life,' Bips had posted.

It's not just women who are being trolled. Earlier this year, Abhishek Bachchan gave a piece of his mind to people who trolled him about his choice of movies, his wife and even his little daughter, Aaradhya.

'Don't like my movies? That's cool. Will work harder to make movies you like. Bringing my daughter into it is NOT cool,' he'd tweeted to one of his detractors.

Journalists Rajdeep Sardesai and Barkha Dutt too have been viciously trolled on social media.

But it's not just celebrities who are subject to this kind of despicable behaviour. Non-celebs, or aam janta like us, are trolled too.

So, dear readers, tell us: Have you been trolled on social media?

How did you deal with it?

Did the incident change your social media behaviour?

What were the lessons you learned from it?

What is your advice to people who get trolled for no fault of theirs?

Mail us your experiences, and advice, to (Subject: I got trolled) and we'll publish the most relevant ones.

Image published only for representational purposes. Photograph: Luke MacGregor/Reuters